What's in a Name?


I was encouraged at the Agile Conference to hear that testers are finding roles on some agile teams and that this is even institutionalized in some organizations. I heard some agilists say they're beginning to realize that business analysts have an important role, too. As experience with agile projects grows, we will probably see an increased return to specialized roles and the benefits that this will bring to the resulting software.

But unless we deal with the class system in software development, we testers will keep fighting the same battles over and over again. Reversing the "developer" name magic won't solve the whole problem, but I think it's an essential step.

What do you think? Do you find yourself still fighting to be accepted as a professional who brings a uniquely valuable mindset and skills to a software development team? Do you see name magic as a part of the problem? I invite you to share your comments on this topic with me and your fellow StickyMinds.com readers.

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<span class="Text"><strong>Fiona Charles</strong> is a Toronto-based test consultant and manager with thirty years of experience in software development and integration projects. Fiona is the editor of <em><a href="http://www.stickyminds.com/s.asp?F=S1149_BOOK_4" target="_blank">The Gift of Time</a></em>, featuring essays by consultants and managers of various professions about what they've learned from Gerald M. Weinberg. Through her company, Quality Intelligence, Inc., Fiona works with clients in diverse industries to design and implement pragmatic test and test management practices that match their unique business challenges. Her experiential workshops facilitate tester learning by doing, either on the job or at conferences. Contact Fiona via her Web site at <a href="http://www.quality-intelligence.com/" target="_blank">www.quality-intelligence.com</a>.</span>

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