Will the Real Professional Testers Please Step Forward?


note that the trend among software companies is moving in the right direction. More and more companies are taking test seriously and recognizing its value. If you work for a company that treats testers as second-class employees, other opportunities are out there.

Your fate is in your own hands. Strive for individual excellence, recognize your importance to a project, celebrate the bugs that won't ship because of you and your team, and demand the continuing education you deserve. Respect your discipline and you will gain the respect that your discipline deserves.

Long live the professional tester!

About the author

James Whittaker's picture James Whittaker

James A. Whittaker is is a technology executive with a career that spans academia, start-ups, and industry. He was an early thought leader in model-based testing where his Ph.D. dissertation became a standard reference on the subject. While a professor at the Florida Institute of Technology, James founded the world's largest academic software testing research center and helped make testing a degree track for undergraduates. He wrote How to Break Software, How to Break Software Security (with Hugh Thompson), and How to Break Web Software (with Mike Andrews). While at Microsoft, James transformed many of his testing ideas into tools and techniques for developers and testers, and wrote the book Exploratory Software Testing. For the past three years he worked for Google as an engineering director where he co-wrote How Google Tests Software (with Jason Arbon and Jeff Carollo). He's currently a development manager at Microsoft where he is busy re-inventing the web.

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