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I sat and thought a long time about the choice for the first keynote at this year’s STARWEST conference. People come from all over the world to attend these conferences, and every seat is guaranteed to be filled—especially at the first keynote. I tend to be drawn to “exciting” topics like “How to Break Software,” “The Google Hacking Database,” and “Test Automation Challenges in the Gaming Community.” By the way, all of these are actual session titles from this year’s program.

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Alan Page's STARWEST 2013 keynote session "Testing the Xbox: Lessons for All" detailed his experience leading a testing team for Microsoft's Xbox One entertainment system. This keynote session, mind you, was not about sharing secrets behind the system—it was about sharing the various strategies and techniques Page and his team of six testers use to ensure that the Xbox One functions correctly and seamlessly.

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There is a story circulating around the world of software development that comes in many different flavors. Here’s a common version:

(A) Thanks to modern development methods, software quality is drastically improving.

(B) Thanks to the Facebook effect, customers are willing to live with software that is much lower quality.

(C) Thanks to DevOps, we notice problems in production very quickly and can “roll back” before most customers ever have a problem.

Therefore, we do not need software testers.

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Recap of Agile Meetup: How Can Large Companies Get Some Of That "Agile Mojo" with Scott Sehlhorst

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Johanna Rothman, consultant and technical editor for lead a discussion on "Agile's Isn't For Everyone And That's Ok!"

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Agile News week ending July 12th.

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I woke up on Thursday and headed downstairs to the last morning keynote speech of the 2013 Agile Development/Better Software Conference West feeling pretty great. I managed to get an elusive good night’s sleep (not always an easy feat in Las Vegas), and I was in a calm, relaxed mood—fully ready for the keynote to remind me about the zen-like nature of agile and the culture of compassion that can flourish in software development, like Dale Emery’s speech had done the day before.

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Better Software Conference 2013: Meet the sponsors- Anand Jameson from Coverity, Arthur Hicken from Parasoft, Dan from VersionOne

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One of my favorite parts about attending these software conferences is getting to sit in on some of the keynote speeches in the mornings. The content typically is a little lighter, though certainly no less impactful, as most of the attendees are still waking up and in need of a motivational message to start their day.

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This week we're at the Agile Development/Better Software Conference West in Las Vegas, where software professionals gather to learn the most up-to-date information, tools, and trends regarding agile, project management, people and teams, software testing and QA, software requirements, process improvement, metrics, design, and architecture.

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