Agile Model-Driven Development

Scott Ambler, Scott W. Ambler + Associates

In this interactive session, Scott Ambler explores a vitally important, nitty-gritty, down-in-the-weeds aspect of agile—how to take an agile model-driven development (AMDD) approach to enhance and scale your software delivery capabilities. Correctly applied, AMDD enhances your modeling and documentation efforts, streamlines agile development, and reduces false starts and rework. Scott addresses critical modeling issues that pertain to all agile projects—how to successfully model the complexities of modern-day software without getting bogged-down in mountains of paperwork, how to document systems in an agile manner, how to scale agile development methods with an agile approach to modeling and documentation, how to take an evolutionary approach to user interface and database design, and how modeling extends and supports test-driven development to address the full exploration of requirements, architecture, and design. Join Scott to dig into this vital—yet often ignored—aspect of agile development.