Scaling Agile Up to the Enterprise and Staying Lean

Dean Leffingwell, Leffingwell, LLC

Scaling agile from the team to the program to the portfolio level of the enterprise requires the inclusion of additional roles—product manager and system architect;activities—release planning and program retrospectives; and artifacts—portfolio and program visions and backlogs. Practitioners must constantly increase scale and scope, while keeping both the system and the process lean and agile. Dean Leffingwell describes how to accomplish this with the Scaled Agile Framework™, a knowledge-base of proven lean and agile practices for enterprise-class software development. Dean approaches the scaling problem from the perspective of lean thinking and principle of product development flow, illustrating how their core principles help deliver business results at scale, while keeping the system—and the enterprise—responsive. Learn some key principles of lean thinking and product development flow, participate in lightweight exercises designed to reinforce these principles, and leave with an understanding of how to apply them in your organization.