STAREAST 2013 - Software Testing Conference


David Dang, Zenergy Technologies, Inc.

The burgeoning use of mobile devices has created enormous opportunities for organizations to leverage mobile to increase sales, advertise products, and collaborate with internal and external resources. However, with increasing usage, the need to perform testing on these devices is...

Claire Lohr, Lohr Systems

The history of testing standards has not always been auspicious. Testing standards documents have been expensive to obtain, limited in scope, inflexible in expectations, and inconsistent. However, they contain important lessons learned from experienced practitioners—if a tester is willing...

Mohit Verma, Tufts Health Plan

Agile methodologies bring new complexities and challenges to traditional performance engineering practices, especially with Web 2.0 technologies that implement more and more functionality on the client side. Mohit Verma presents a Scrum-based performance testing lifecycle for Web 2.0 apps...

Griffin Jones, Congruent Compliance

Test leaders are often asked to present the results of their testing to management—and even to auditors. Can you clearly and confidently explain and summarize your test plans and results? Can you prove that your testing is compliant with internal procedures and regulations? 

Lloyd Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy

“Testing costs too much.” “We don’t get the value we should from the investment we make.” “Testing just delays the project.” Familiar sayings in your organization? Although testing is accepted by most as an integral part of any software development lifecycle, some see it as a hole in...

Ruud Teunissen, Polteq Test Services BV

Have you heard? It’s all over the social media. We are the “last generation of testers.” Testing is dead. No more classical testing—too much inflexible process. Context driven? That is a code phrase for do whatever. Agility? Developers do testing, and testers become developers. DevOps?

Rob Sabourin,

Are you continually testing software the same old way? Do you need fresh ideas? Are your hum-drum tests not finding enough defects? Are your tests too slow for today’s fast-paced lifecycles? Then this workshop will help you spice things up, improve your testing, and get things done. 

Laura Salazar, Softtek

Test automation is undeniably a key strategy for any test manager—and for good Test automation is undeniably a key strategy for any test manager—and for good reason. Test automation promises faster regression testing, higher productivity, better quality, and cost reduction.

Bob Galen, RGalen Consulting

So you’ve “gone agile” and have been relatively successful for a year or so. But how do you know how well you’re really doing? And how do you continuously improve your practices? And when things get rocky, how do you handle the challenges without reverting to old habits?

Theresa Lanowitz and Charles Sterling, Microsoft

Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional is a comprehensive software testing solution targeted at software testing practitioners. In this session you will be introduced to the powerful tools and capabilities of the solution in addressing the demands of full lifecycle software testing...


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