STAREAST 2013 - Software Testing Conference


Lloyd Roden, Lloyd Roden Consultancy

As testers and test managers we often find ourselves struggling just to survive within our organization—sometimes with the possibility of job loss due to outsourcing looming. Often, we are told to become more “effective,” “efficient,” and do “more with less.” 

Jeff Payne, Coveros

Agile software development has fundamentally changed the way software testing is performed. No longer is testing relegated to the end of the lifecycle where its budgets are cut and its conclusions ignored. Now we live in a world where testing drives development...

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

Lee Copeland maintains that most organizations have some kind of metrics program—and almost all are ineffective. After explaining the concept of measurement, Lee describes two key reasons for these almost universal metrics program failures.

Lindiwe Vinson, Organic, Inc.

Once a client’s website is built, you’d think it would be time for a well-deserved break. However, almost immediately, questions come up—can we capture a larger audience? close more orders? increase our sales? And so, it’s time to redesign the site—and the test strategy and plans...

Alexander Andelkovic, Spotify

HTML5 is one of the hottest technologies around right now because HTML5 apps are beautiful, engaging, and can perform important and entertaining functions. With the wide range of devices and platforms to support, the promise of multi-platform support is appealing. 

Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies, Inc.

Large, complex projects—those with more than 100 people and lasting more that a year—require special considerations for developing, communicating, and managing the overall QA strategy and test plans. Shaun Bradshaw provides insights he gained from a $70 million financial...

Bob Galen, RGalen Consulting

It used to be that your work and results spoke for themselves. No longer is that the case. Today you need to be a better collaborator, communicator, and facilitator so that you focus your teams on delivering value. Join Bob Galen to explore the power of the story, one of the most effective...

Chris Bushell, ThoughtWorks

Today, most businesses are heavily dependent on packaged systems, sometimes called commercial off-the-shelf software, for large parts of their operation. Highly-customizable packages such as BMC’s Remedy, Oracle's Maxim, and many others run the show at many of the world’s largest companies.

Ruud Teunissen, Polteq Test Services BV

Because the cloud introduces additional system risks—Internet dependencies, security challenges, performance concerns, and more—you, as a test manager, need to broaden your scope and update your team’s practices and processes. Ruud Teunissen shares a unique approach that directly...

Geoff Horne, NZTester Magazine

Data warehouses have become a popular mechanism for collecting, organizing, and making information readily available for strategic decision making. The ability to review historical trends and monitor near real-time operational data has become a key competitive advantage for many organizations


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