STARWEST 2013 - Software Testing Conference


Stephan Obbeck, KROLL Consulting AG

Test status reporting is a key factor in the success of test projects. Stephan Obbeck shares some ideas on how to communicate more than just a red-yellow-green status report to executive management and discusses how the right information can influence their decisions. 

Rob Sabourin,

And now for something completely different...Monty Python's Flying Circus revolutionized comedy and brought zany British humor to a worldwide audience. However, buried deep in the hilarity and camouflaged in its twisted wit lie many important testing lessons—tips and techniques you...

Geoff Horne, NZTester Magazine

Data warehouses are critical systems for collecting, organizing, and making information readily available for strategic decision making. The ability to review historical trends and monitor near real-time operational data is a key competitive advantage for many organizations. Yet the...

Pradeep Soundararajan, Moolya

Many of our stakeholders don't understand testing like we do, especially those whose focus is on making sales, growing revenues, and watching the bottom line. As testers, how can we support them in their efforts to be successful? How can we provide useful, timely information that helps...

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives

The practice of agile software development requires a clear understanding of business needs. Misunderstanding requirements causes waste, slipped schedules, and mistrust within the organization. Developers implement their perceived interpretation of requirements; testers test against...

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear

Large-scale testing projects can severely stress many of the testing practices we have gotten used to over the year. This can result in less than optimal outcomes. A number of innovative ideas and concepts have emerged to support industrial-strength testing of large and complex projects.

Jon Bach, eBay, Inc.

Although many training classes and conference presentations describe processes and techniques meant to help you find bugs, few explain what to do when you find a good one. How do you know what the underlying problem is? What do you do when you find a bug, and the developer wants...

Kiran Karnad, MIMOS Berhad

We all know the power of Google—or do we? Two types of people use Google: normal users like you and me, and the not-so-normal users—the hackers. What types of information can hackers collect from Google? How severe is the damage they can cause? Is there a way to circumvent this hacking?

Susan Bradley, Grange Mutual Insurance

Adding user acceptance testing (UAT) to your testing lifecycle can increase the probability of finding defects before software is released. The challenge is to fully engage users and assist them in becoming effective testers. Help achieve this goal by involving users early and setting...

Michael Kelly, DeveloperTown & Jeanette Thebeau, Ex2 Partners

Professional testers and test managers are feeling the pressures of low-cost competition and tools that claim to replace them through automation. So, how can test teams add more value to their projects and organization? In a recent survey of executives and testers, Mike Kelly and Jeanette...


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