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An Interview with Scott Ambler: ADC-BSW 2013 Interview Series

Committed to covering the latest trends and approaches for anyone investigating or implementing agile development practices, processes, technologies, and leadership principles, Agile Development & Better Software Conference West offers their 2013 interview series. 

Scott Ambler, Scott W. Ambler + Associates
Seeking the Agile Path through Database Design

Being first to market or meeting rapidly changing customer demands compels development teams to build systems while requirements are still being discovered. Developing a relational database design ahead of its requirements can paint you into a corner—with a product that suffers from...

Jonathan Wiggs, Netmotion Wireless, Inc.
Trends in Big Data Testing

The Big Data has three unique characteristics—Volume, Velocity, and Variety. Today’s big data applications are growing dramatically. We must process data ever more quickly so we can respond to events as they happen, and that data is arriving from an ever wider array of channels...

Stefano Rizzo, Polarion Software
Data Masking: Testing with Near-real Data

Organizations worldwide collect data about customers, users, products, and services. Striving to get the most out of collected data, they use it to fuel many day-to-day processes including software testing, development, and personnel training. The majority of this collected data is...

Martin Kralj, Ekobit
Testing the Data Warehouse

Data warehouses have become a popular mechanism for collecting, organizing, and making information readily available for strategic decision making. The ability to review historical trends and monitor near real-time operational data has become a key competitive advantage for many organizations

Geoff Horne, NZTester Magazine
Intelligence Testing: Techniques for Validating a Data Warehouse System

Many organizations have implemented information repositories-single-source data warehouses-to capture and provide key business intelligence information. Data warehouse testing presents unique challenges including: the absence of a user interface, constantly shifting user requirements, slow-changing data, a lack of user control with reporting tools, and a state of perpetual change in the applications supplying data. Geoff Horne explores the different testing techniques you can apply to testing a data warehouse and how their usage differs from traditional application testing. Learn how to test a data warehouse even when the source systems are being developed at the same time and identify when your testing is appropriate and adequate.

Geoff Horne, iSQA
Agile Process Improvement and the Evolution toward Software Factories

The concept of software factories is becoming a hot topic in software engineering circles. So, how can the factory model fit with Agile development practices? Damon Carr makes the case that Agile development is a stepping stone-not an alternative-to software factories. This is not the dreary vision of mindless workers in a factory. Instead, think of highly skilled individuals working with multi-million dollar machinery to develop systems. Even if you are not considering the factory model, Damon offers new practices that can reduce overall Agile development costs by as much as 40 percent. These include explicit refactoring to design patterns in your iterations, quantitative risk management, metrics for understanding the health of your project, and a new approach to team structure.

Analyzing Web Application Errors

This presentation focuses on the characteristics of Web application errors to derive key issues to consider in analyzing and reproducing errors. Learn how to isolate application errors from configuration and technical support issues. Explore effective techniques to make errors reproducible. Examples of common and uncommon Web application error types are provided.

Hung Nguyen, LogiGear Corporation

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