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The Organization Must Change Before Going Agile: An Interview with John Holmes and David Nielson

In this interview John Holmes and David Nielson talk about their upcoming presentation, what it takes for your organization to really go agile (and to stick with it), the role of technology in organizational changes, and the importance of marrying your agile and Scrum with change management.

How to Manage Team Conflict in Your Organization: An Interview with Pat Arcady

Pat Arcady is an agile and executive coach with FreeStanding Agility. In this interview, Pat discusses ways conflict manifests itself in an organization, the importance of nonviolent communication, and a useful four-step protocol for achieving positive outcomes for all parties.

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The Path to Organizational Agility: An Interview with Ahmed Sidky

Ahmed Sidky explains that by looking at agile as a culture or way of life and not just a series of practices, organizations of any size can experience the benefits of agile company-wide. Learn how, by adopting some keystone habits, you can start "living the agile mindset."

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Continuous Performance Improvement: An Interview with Marisa Müller

In this interview, Marisa Müller offers advice for anyone looking to boost performance improvement at either the personal or team level. Learn how to stay motivated on the never-ending quest of continuous improvement.

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Listen to What You're Saying!: An Interview with Steven "Doc" List

Steven "Doc" List and Noel Wurst sit down for what starts as a standard interview about communication skills but quickly evolves into a fascinating conversation that reveals a lot about what we're saying—and what we should be saying. You may be surprised at just how much you have to learn.

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Maintaining the Programming Mob: An Interview with Woody Zuill

"Fun" and "kindness" aren't the first things that come to mind when thinking of the mob, but in software development—they're mandatory. Woody Zuill discusses how mob programming takes a very agile and collaborative effort at delivering great software on time, and with the respect of everyone on board.

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The 2013 Software Development Lab: An Interview with Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman details the upcoming "Software Manager's Lab" being held at the 2013 Agile Development Conference West in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday, June 5th. Communication skills will be focused on along with a peer-to-peer feedback model that can be used between all employee levels.

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Agile-Enabled Continuous Improvement: An Interview with Bob Galen

Agile coach Bob Galen helps teams continuously improve and avoid getting stuck, complacent, or worse—regressing. By following some essential patterns, your team will learn how to spot the warning signs that lead to regression and ensure that everyone stays productive and happy.

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The Agile and Scrum Mindsets: An Interview with Mitch Lacey

Mitch Lacey recently took the time to speak with us ahead of his 2012 Agile Development Conference session titled “Understanding Scrum: An Experiential Workshop.” Mitch shared with us how truly understanding scrum and agile allows for a smooth transition and effective results.

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Creating Healthier, Stress-Free Teams: An Interview with Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf discusses with us the way to create happier, more productive teams is to liberate them and remove the stress that's holding them back. Michael is presenting a session titled "Group Interaction Patterns: The Keys for Highly Productive Teams" at the 2012 Better Software Conference East.

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