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Getting Started with Static Analysis[presentation]

Static analysis is a technique for finding defects in code without executing it. Static analysis tools are easy to use because no test cases or manual code reviews are needed.

Paul Anderson, GrammaTech, Inc.
Quality Metrics for Testers: Evaluating Our Products, Evaluting Ourselves[presentation]

As testers, we focus our efforts on measuring the quality of our organization's products.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
The Many Styles of Pair Programming[presentation]

Joining an agile team can be very challenging-new programming styles, new coding standards, new check-in requirements, new leadership styles, and more.

Paul Julius, Willowbark Consulting
Becoming a Lean-Agile Enterprise[presentation]

Many companies have adopted agile by using Scrum on one or more of their projects. Unfortunately, they may be missing the point that agility should be aimed at the enterprise, not merely at the team.

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives
Introducing Change, Avoiding Dysfunction[presentation]

Change can be painful, but staying stagnant can hurt even more. As a manager, how do you decide what should change and how do you know if your organization is ready?

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Demystifying Virtual Lab Management[presentation]

The benefits of a virtualized lab environment for development and test teams are compelling and quantifiable-rapid provisioning and tear down of environments, faster test cycles, and powerful new capabilities to resolve defects.

Ian Knox, Skytap Inc
Mature Agile Teams: Sixteen Essential Patterns[presentation]

any teams have a relatively easy time adopting the tactical aspects of the agile methodologies. Usually a few classes, some tools' introduction, and a bit of practice lead teams toward a fairly efficient and effective adoption.

Robert Galen, RGCG, LLC
A Software Quality Engineering Maturity Model[presentation]

You are probably familiar with maturity models for software development.

Gregory Pope, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Architecture and Design: What Managers Need to Know[presentation]

In many current software development approaches, architecture and design are downplayed. Rather than actually architecting products, good designs are assumed to "emerge." Yet, managers must be confident that their products are well designed.

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.
The Agile PMP: Teaching and Old Dog New Tricks[presentation]

Agile methods emphasize trust, empowerment, and collaboration-moving us away from command and control project management to harness the passion, creativity, and enthusiasm of the team.

Michael Cottmeyer, VersionOne, Inc.
Using Agile to Increase Value in Lean Times[presentation]

The proof is now in, and it shows that implementing agile is the best way to get critical, revenue-generating applications to market faster and at less cost. How much money and how many jobs could your organization save?

Richard Leavitt, Rally Software Development
Ten Practices of High-Performance Teams[presentation]

With all the hype about agile, lean, CMMI®, and every other method du jour, we sometimes forget that our real goal is high performance.

Noopur Davis, Davis Systems
Defining Software Quality[presentation]

"Quality" is one of the most misunderstood and elusive aspects of system development. Ask five people to define quality and you'll probably get five different answers.

Thomas Staab, Windridge International LLC
Virtual Retrospectives for Distributed Software Teams[presentation]

Project retrospectives are challenging enough when the software development team and stakeholders are together in one location. What happens when the team members are spread across multiple locations, time zones, and continents?

John Terzakis, Intel Corporation
Testing in Turbulent Projects[presentation]

Turbulent weather such as tornados is characterized by chaotic, random, and often surprising and powerful pattern changes.

Robert Sabourin, Inc


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