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Enterprise Agile Adoption: Barriers, Paths, and Cultures[presentation]

While agile adoption continues to grow rapidly in the software product development world, it has not been as widely adopted within enterprise IT departments.

Mike Stuedemann, Medtronic
Performance and Security Testing in Agile Development[presentation]

While most organizations are starting to come to terms with the process aspects of agile, they still face challenges when identifying how to modify their testing practices to be more flexible.

Tracy DeDore, Hewlett-Packard
Cards, Conversation, Confirmation: Interviewing Skills for Agile Requirements[presentation]

Valuable products start with understanding the needs of the customers-what they want and how they will use the product.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates, Inc.
Being There: War Stories from Collocated and Distributed Teams[presentation]

Since the early days of agile, we've known that face-to-face communication is optimal.

Michael Feathers, Object Mentor
Scrum: The Basics[presentation]

Too many software projects spend too much time and money delivering too little, too late. Projects drag on for months, either thrashing from the chaos of ever-changing requirements or rigidly rejecting legitimate changes.

Dale Emery, DHE
Agile (Line) Management[article]

Evidence shows that agile development done well can positively affect your ROI. But if these methods are so great, why doesn’t every team adopt them? Look to management for the answer.

Jurgen Appelo's picture Jurgen Appelo
Moving Agile Beyond Software[presentation]

Agility is not a goal for its own sake. More than a great way to build software, agile principles are a way to build a great company that predictably delivers products through alignment and visibility across all parts of the business.

Ryan Martens, Rally Software Development
It's the People; It's Always the People[presentation]

Why do we insist on calling people “resources?” If software projects were a factory, people would be fungible-interchangeable equipment just like desks and computers.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Are You a Develoment Professional?[presentation]

The past decade brought the rise of the Agile movement, which split into two parts-Scrum, dominating the project management practices of agile; and XP, dominating its technical practices.

Robert Martin, Object Mentor
You Can Always Get What You Want[presentation]

Agile, waterfall, iterative, staged, gated, phased-none of it really matters if all you create are a few early "wins", mediocre solutions, and quick fixes.

Tim Lister, Atlantic Systems Guild
Testing in an SOA Environment[presentation]

Testing Web applications built with service-oriented architecture (SOA) is not the same as testing any other GUI-based application.

Sanjeev Padasalgi, Sonata Software Ltd.
Eliminating Process Bottlenecks: The Theory of Constraints[presentation]

Managers often fall into the trap of making sure that everyone is busy. It seems logical that we should keep all of our highly paid “resources” (ouch!) fully utilized.

Chris Sims, Agile Learning Labs
The Power of Concept Designs in Requirements Elicitation[presentation]

Ever been in a situation where everybody on the design and development team thinks they agree on the requirements-until you try to design that first screen or page?

Scott Plewes, Macadamian Technologies
Redirecting the Doomed Project[presentation]

It is nearly impossible to work in software development and not end up on a project which one day ends as a death march.

Bob Hartman, Agile For All
Testing and Quality Beyond the Requirements and Code[presentation]

Many organizations institute testing and quality improvement initiatives focused on testers, developers, and software managers. One stakeholder often ignored in these efforts is the user-your customer.

Lanette Creamer, Adobe Systems


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