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Is It Good Enough To Ship? Predicting Software Quality[presentation]

Software quality often gets lots of lip service and little else-until its absence triggers a disaster and stuff hits the wall.

Donald Beckett, Quantitative Software Management
Involve Your Customers for Better Requirements[presentation]

Have you ever heard something like “This feature (system) doesn't look anything like what I expected and doesn't do what I want”-even though you were confident that you knew what your customers wanted?

Jennifer Bonine, Oracle
Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference West 2010: Seven Deadly Habits of Ineffective Software Managers[presentation]

Looking for an insightful-and humorous-review of the management disasters you may have witnessed during your professional software career?

Ken Whitaker, Leading Software Maniacs
A Death Knell for Traditional Test Labs[presentation]

In this jab at the traditional test lab approach to testing software and Web services, Ken Johnston explains the what, why, and how of the practices and processes for testing in production (TiP).

Ken Johnston, Microsoft
Measurement Problems that Plague Us[presentation]

Measurement problems in software organizations are many: challenges with effort tracking; difficulties motivating the workforce to comply; resource management in multitasking and matrix organizations; attempts to "standardize" project status

Beth Layman, Layman & Layman
Nonfunctional Requirements: The Forgotten Needs[presentation]

Nonfunctional requirements are an essential part of a holistic understanding of system requirements; yet many teams struggle with them.

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.
The Art of Giving and Receiving--Feedback[presentation]

When people work closely together, there's bound to be friction and irritation. Some people find it difficult to discuss these issues directly. So they hint and hope or simply procrastinate and don't do anything.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates, Inc.
Collaborating with Non-Collaborators[presentation]

We understand the vital importance of collaboration among team members. However, how can we deal with non-collaborators-people who won't work with us?

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova
Five Core Metrics to Guide Software Project Endgames[presentation]

By its very nature, the endgame of software projects is a hostile environment.

Bob Galen, iContact
Business Rules and Data Requirements: In Tandem for Success[presentation]

Business rules and data needs are essential ingredients for a balanced set of requirements and are vital for successful product delivery. When analyzing requirements, some teams focus on business rules at the expense of data.

Mary Gorman, EBG Consulting
Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference West 2010: Rightsizing Your Project in a Down Economy[presentation]

In tough times, both shoes often drop simultaneously. Then, unsustainable "scarcity thinking" takes over.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Earned Value Management (EVM) Demystified[presentation]

Earned Value Management (EVM) is one of the key topics in most all project management courses and is part of the Project Management Institute's PMP® certification and PMBOK®.

James McCaffrey, Volt VTE
The Joy of Legacy Code[presentation]

Even though the code may have been written only five years ago, there it is-a sprawling unintelligible mess that nobody wants to touch.

Michael Feathers, Object Mentor
Writing Higher Quality Software Requirements[presentation]

While agile and traditional software development methodologies differ in many key practices, they share the mutual goal of accurately representing customer needs through requirements-whatever their form.

John Terzakis, Intel
Facilitation Patterns for Interaction Satisfaction[presentation]

Good facilitation skills are essential for everyone in development. In fact, everyone facilitates whether they know it or not.

Steven List, ThoughtWorks


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