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Is Your Agile Audit and Compliance Process Really Agile?[article]

In a previous column, George Schlitz proposed that process improvements, such as agile, require organizations to change process rules. Now George continues his review of agile in regards to compliance and auditing practices. What he's found is that changes to compliance and auditing rules may appear compatible, but the implementation process usually remains unchanged and conflicts with agile practices.

George Schlitz's picture George Schlitz
Falling Back to a Virtual Daily Scrum[article]

One of the key processes in an Agile Scrum development process is the daily stand up or Scrum meeting. Yet there are many teams who seek to be Agile but are part of distributed or virtual teams. This article describes a mitigation for the lack of collocation either due to permanent distribution as in geographically distributed teams or “plan B” meetings on “snow days”. This virtual daily scrum process cannot replace the benefits for a real scrum meeting with rich non verbal communication but it can be a very effective process in a distributed or “Scrum But” environment.


Scott Schnier's picture Scott Schnier
Exploring the Subtle Differences Between Agile Paradigms[article]

In recent years within the object oriented and agile community, several approaches to software design and development have materialized and are in use by professional software developers. Test-Driven Development (TDD), Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Behavior-Driven Design (BDD) and Feature-Driven Design (FDD) are some of the more well known approaches. While these philosophies all imbibe the classic agile principles of an incremental and iterative mindset to software development, they subtly differ from each other.

Nirav Assar's picture Nirav Assar
Crowdsourced Testing of Mobile Applications[presentation]

With new mobile applications for Blackberry, iPhone, and Android battling for media attention and consumer dollars, the pressure to get applications built, tested, and launched has never been greater.

Doron Reuveni, uTest
Taming Bug Reports and Defects: The Agile Way[presentation]

Software defects bug everyone. If your organization is like most and you have a large queue of defects waiting to be fixed, this session is for you.

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.
Web Security Testing with Ruby[presentation]

To ensure the quality and safety of Web applications, security testing is a necessity. So, how do you cover all the different threats-SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflow, and others?

James Knowlton, McAfee, Inc.
Keys to a Successful Beta Testing Program[presentation]

Your company is ready to launch its new product. How will it perform under real-world conditions? Will it meet the needs and expectations of the users? Will it operate on all the platforms and configurations for which it was designed?

Rob Swoboda, HomeShore Solutions
The Power of Risk[presentation]

Erik Boelen starts his risk-based testing where most others stop. Too often, risk-based test strategies are defined in the initial test plan and are never looked at or used again.

Erik Boelen, QA Consult Services
Creating the Right Environment for Mobile Applications Testing[presentation]

Is your organization releasing applications that target multiple mobile devices, platforms, or browsers? If so, you have faced-or soon will face-the challenge of choosing and setting up a test environment for these devices and platforms.

Nat Couture, Professional Quality Assurance Ltd.
Enabling Agile Testing through Continuous Integration[presentation]

Continuous integration is one of the key processes that support an agile software development and testing environment.

Sean Stolberg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tour-based Testing: The Hacker's Landmark Tour[presentation]

Growing application complexity, coupled with the exploding increase in application surface area, has resulted in new quality challenges for testers.

Rafal Los, Hewlett-Packard
Focusing Test Efforts with System Usage Patterns[presentation]

Faced with the reality of tight deadlines and limited resources, many software delivery teams turn to risk-based test planning to ensure that the most critical components of the software are production ready.

Dan Craig, Coveros, Inc.
Proving Our Worth: Quantifying the Value of Testing[presentation]

Over the years, experts have defined testing as a process of checking, a process of exploring, a process of evaluating, a process of measuring, and a process of improving.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Creating Crucial Test Conversations[presentation]

Many test leaders believe that development, business, and management don't understand, support, or properly value our contributions. You know what-these test leaders are probably right! So, why do they feel that way?

Bob Galen, iContact
Avoid Failure with Acceptance Test-Driven Development[presentation]

One of the major challenges confronting traditional testers in agile environments is that requirements are incrementally defined rather than specified at the start.

C.V. Narayanan, Sonata Software Ltd.


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