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Applying Lean Production to Software Development: A Worldview[presentation]

Lean production has made it possible for many industries to develop products faster and more profitably, building a loyal customer base while lowering business risk.

James Sutton, Lockheed Martin
Pragmatic Personas: Putting the User in User Stories[presentation]

When making choices about a system's functionality, the easiest thing is to ask yourself, "What would I like the software to do?" Unfortunately, when a team uses this approach, the result is usually constant argument, uncomfortable compromise

Jeff Patton, Independent Consultant
Focused Continuous Testing[presentation]

Continuous testing is a practice that involves automatically running tests after every program change.

Rod Coffin, Improving Enterprises
Coaching Agility and Producing Value[presentation]

Why do some agile communities succeed while others are struggling or failing?

David Hussman, DevJam
Going Agile - How It Affects People, Teams and Process[presentation]

Agile development provides the opportunity for new levels of productivity and value for software delivery-yet the agile approach brings new challenges that impact people, teams, and processes.

Joachim Herschmann, Borland Software
Realistic Test-Driven Development: Paying and Preventing Technical Debt[presentation]

Are you considering implementing Test-Driven Development (TDD), or have you tried it and failed? If so, this class is for you. Rob Myers describes the basic mechanics and components of TDD.

Rob Myers, Agile Institute
Source Code Analysis in the Agile World[presentation]

Agile practitioners know that achieving high velocity in iterations requires a pinpoint focus on code quality. The death of many projects can be traced to an out-of-control defect queue being pushed uphill from one iteration into the next.

Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork, Inc
Growing Pains: Why Scaling Scrum and XP Hurts - and What You Can Do[presentation]

Do you have a large scale program with multiple agile teams?

Ed Kraay, SolutionsIQ
Instill Scrum Values to Build High-Performance Teams[presentation]

Your teams are using agile practices well and starting to understand the principles behind them, but they are still not high-performing.

Lyssa Adkins, Cricketwing Consulting
CMMI or Agile: Why Not Embrace Both?[presentation]

Agile development methods and CMMI® best practices are often perceived to be in conflict with each other. Some even argue that the Agile Manifesto was largely a counter response to the original CMM®.

Hillel Glazer, Entinex, Inc.
Determining Business Value[presentation]

Agility focuses on delivering business value to the customers as rapidly as possible, and user stories are a common way to describe the features and functions that define value incrementally.

Ken Pugh, Net Objectives
Dealing With Defects: The Agile Way[presentation]

In agile development, software defects are everyone's responsibility. One tenet of agile is that defects should be fixed "as soon as possible" rather than documented as an inventory of "stuff" that doesn't work yet.

Janet Gregory, DragonFire Inc.
The Power of Retrospectives[presentation]

One principle in the Agile Manifesto states, "At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly." Retrospectives are a powerful, repeatable tool to help your team continuo

Linda Rising, Independent Consultant
Rightsizing Your Project in a Down Economy[presentation]

In tough times, both shoes drop simultaneously and "scarcity thinking" takes over in senior executives, managers, and development teams.

Michael Mah, QSM Associates, Inc.
Debug Your Mind[presentation]

Every day, we make important decisions and try to solve critical problems in our work. Unfortunately, our decision-making and problem-solving processes often are based on a faulty memory and our emotional state at the time.

Andrew Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers


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