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The Business Case for Agility[article]

Too many technology projects fail to deliver the promised value, and some do not deliver at all. Traditional project management methods when applied to software initiatives continue to frustrate financial professionals and offer poor risk mitigation. In the current economic environment, businesses are forced to reduce their capital budgets and cannot afford to make significant investments without more certainty of appropriate return.

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Feasibility: is this project viable?[article]

(This is a Book Excerpt from "Becoming Agile" by Greg Smith and Ahmed Sidky)

Our project backlogs are full of great ideas. In some cases, we get so excited about a great idea that we disregard all the challenges and jump right in to start development. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we have to abort.

Many companies struggle when trying to validate a project’s value. Some companies initialize a project without knowing if it’s viable; other companies scrutinize the value of a project for months before making a decision. There are issues with both approaches.

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How Scrum Increases Productivity: The Product Owner[article]

In Scrum, the Product Owner role is the one person responsible for the project's vision and direction. He or she leads by communicating with the team, outlining chunks of work through the composition of product backlog items and then prioritizing those items.

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Scrum and SVO-p[article]

Scrum is unique in that the management method is consistently direct. All communication in authentic Scrum is concise, direct and clear. Scrum encourages responsibility. The daily stand-up meeting actively encourages personal responsibility to execute on specific work, and to be accountable to the Team. The three questions of Scrum are questions related to accountability for specific commitments.

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Requirements Come Second: A Second Look[article]

My article, Requirements Come Second, in a recent issue of Agile Journal caused something of a fuss. The piece was picked up by several more sites and was widely commented on - both on websites an in my inbox. I'm not entirely surprised by this reaction, I've been discussing this research for a year or so now and often find it surprises people. Given this level of interest it is worth looking at how people responded. It is also worth restating the key message: Requirements are an essential part of maximising business value, but when an organization is struggling with effectiveness it is best to start change by improving delivery.

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Executive Strategies for Agile Transition - Charlie Kennedy and Tom Paider[article]

Bob interviews Charlie Kennedy and Tom Paider about Executive Strategies for Agile Transition.

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Continuous Integration and Testing[article]

Lisa Crispin explains in this article how CI has become an absolute necessity for any software development team in this day and age. For those who have yet to fully embrace CI, this article gives you some great reasons you should, along with some helpful resources to get you started.

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What's So Special About Specialists?[article]

If two projects in your organization require specific expertise that only one employee has, what do you do? Projects need to stay on track, but one person certainly can't be everywhere—or even two places—at once. In this column, Johanna Rothman shares a story of an organization stuck in the specialist mindset and offers some tips on how to escape if you're stuck there, too.

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Do You Know Why You Are Doing That?[magazine]

It's easy to get caught up in the inertia of a project and forget to ask exactly what we are developing, who our customers are, and what their goals with our software might be. Few software projects have the time and budget to figure out what their project is through trial and error. Getting clarity on project focus not only helps productivity, working to create software that people actually need increases our chances for success.

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Tips and Advice - Beyond The Team - Sanjiv Augustine[article]

Bob interviews Sanjiv Augustine about agile transitions.

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Deep Agile Conference 2009 - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Jack Ganssle[article]

A podcast about the Deep Agile 2009 conference.

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Tips and Advice - Team Rooms[article]

Many organizations know the importance of nurturing culture in order to create happy and productive teams, but how many have set aside team rooms for these groups to accomplish their builds? In this podcast, Bob Payne get the opinion of someone who agrees with this added bonus for teams.

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Feature Injection: Part One[article]

We are leaving the "last responsible moment" for a while. This month we start a discussion of Feature Injection, an analysis process based on real options and Kolb's circle of learning. The first episode ( of five ) introduces the "Information Arrival Processes.

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Tips and Advice - Listener Email - Self Organizing Teams[article]

In this podcast, Bob and George respond to a listener-submitted email by providing a better understanding of what truly makes self-organizing teams. We encourage you to listen to this informative discussion to make sure everyone is on the same page with what these teams are truly made of.

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Agile Development Infrastructure—on Premises or in the Cloud?[article]

How do companies face the challenge of setting up their infrastructure when they've just started agile development? One option is to move your infrastructure to the cloud. In this article, we help you decide what's the best fit for your team and project by addressing this issue head on.

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