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The Ten Principles of an Agile Tester[presentation]

On an agile team, everyone is a tester-anyone can and often does take on testing tasks. If that’s true, then what is special about being an agile tester? If I'm a tester on an agile team, what does that really mean?

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.
Branch Out: Using Classification Trees for Test Case Design[presentation]

A structured, visual approach to identify and categorize equivalence partitions for test objects, classification trees offer a unique way for you to document test requirements so that anyone can understand them and quickly build test cases.

Julie Gardiner, Grove Consultants
The Angels and Devils of Software Testing[presentation]

It's never been easier to fool your manager into thinking you're doing a great job testing! Does that sound tempting?

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense
Testing Lessons Learned from Extreme Programmers[presentation]

One of the things testers often notice about Extreme Programming (XP) is that there is no defined role for testers on the team.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
Testing Dialogues - In the Executive Suite[presentation]

As Microsoft’s only dual-role security and reliability architect, James Whittaker is often asked to brief company executives on product quality disasters and recommend remedies.

James Whittaker, Microsoft
Testing on the Toilet: Revolutionizing Developer Testing at Google[presentation]

You work in an organization with incredibly smart and diligent software engineers. Deadlines are tight and everyone is busy.

Bharat Mediratta, Google, Inc.
Transforming Your Test Culture: One Step at a Time[presentation]

Whether we develop software-based systems to create invoices, solve difficult physics problems, diagnose heart disease, or launch rockets, we've learned that nothing stays the same very long and software defects are inevitable.

Thomas Wissink, LM IS&S
Ready to Ship?[presentation]

When developing software systems, the inevitable question is "Are we ready to ship?" Facing this question, many testers and test managers rely on their intuition and gut feeling to come up with a subjective verdict of the system under test.

John Fodeh, HP Software

Hackers think differently, have strange goals, and will relentlessly "test" your software for security bugs.

Herbert Thompson, Peoples Security
Executable Documentation[presentation]

Why is so much project documentation outdated and worthless? Simply put, the real value is in the final product; so, that’s where the money goes. Wouldn't it be nice if your documentation actually reflected the functionality in the system?

David Hussman, DevJam
That's Not Right! Using Fit to Prevent Business Rule Defects[presentation]

Sophisticated applications involve huge numbers of detailed domain business rules.

James Shore, Titanium IT LLC
Scrum: Roadmap for Implementation (Part 2)[presentation]

With quite a few successful agile implementations under his belt, Hubert Smits guides you through the steps for implementing Scrum in an organization.

Hubert Smits, Rally Software Development
The Impact of Poor Estimating - And How to Fix It[presentation]

The team, running Scrum by-the-book for three months, was continually failing to meet its delivery dates. As a result, trust between the business managers and the team degraded almost to a point-of-no-return.

Mitch Lacey, Ascentium Corporation
Organizational Patterns: The Foundations of Agile[presentation]

Organizational patterns describe the inner-workings of organizational structures. These patterns are the foundation for agile competence and take you far beyond basic out-of-the box methods to provide deeper insights into agile.

James Coplien, Nordija A/S
Climbing the Decision Tree: Reaching High Quality Team Decisions[presentation]

When teams "go agile," members of the whole team take on greater responsibility for thinking and deciding as a unit.

Diana Larsen, FutureWorks Consulting


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