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Going on a Picnic with James Watt[magazine]

What if you had a picnic and no one brought potato salad? Find out what picnic planning and steam engines have to do with project success and not just satisfying your customers but delighting them.

Clarke Ching's picture Clarke Ching
Encourage Pair Programming[magazine]

Pair programming is one of the most controversial agile practices. Managers are concerned about the costs and developers are concerned about personal agony. But there also are many benefits. If you are thinking about trying pair programming, here are several reasons why you should.

Rob Myers's picture Rob Myers
Software: Use at Your Own Risk[magazine]

Is it really so hard to produce software that works? When was the last time you read a software license agreement? Most are one-sided statements that limit the product developer's liability. It's time to move away from "Use at your own risk" software and be upfront with customers about the true cost of quality.

Chuck Allison's picture Chuck Allison
Give Your Defects Some Static[magazine]

Computer security has raised the demand for automated tools that can analyze source code for vulnerabilities and defects. Find out how you can put automated static analyzers to work for you.

A Galaxy of Patterns[magazine]

The Gang of Four's design patterns have a special place in many programmers' hearts. But it's time to look beyond the GoF twenty-three and realize they aren't the only patterns in the universe.

Neil Harrison's picture Neil Harrison
How to Fail with Agile[magazine]

A switch to agile often conflicts with personal career goals such as maintaining the status quo and working no harder than necessary. These twenty guidelines will help you sabotage your agile project, helping you fail quickly and spectacularly.

Agile2007 - Esther Derby and Diana Larsen - Retrospectives and the CWAC[article]

Bob Payne chats with Esther Derby and Diana Larsen at the Agile 2007 conference.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Agile2007 - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert - Survey of Bugs and Agility[article]

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert joins us again for another fantastic conversation with Bob Payne about coaching agile teams to success, and other agile-based topics. We hope you enjoy our podcasts with Nancy, and all of our entertaining agile experts.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
May I Take Your Temperature?[article]

This column isn't for you; it's about you. Linda Hayes wants to find out what it takes to be successful in the testing profession these days—if such a thing is really possible. Too many good ideas, such as incentive and recognition plans, have backfired. Linda feels there are a few good practices out there, but she needs your help to find them.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
Agile2007 - Deb Hartman - Interview the Interviewer[article]

InfoQ's agile editor, Deb Hartmann, sits down with Bob Payne to discuss her role in the world of agile, along with a handful of other topics in the world of software development. We always enjoy speaking with Deb and we hope you enjoy this podcast with her.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
The Four Pillars of Agile Adoption[article]

Now that the world has heard of Agile [1], they think–incorrectly–that the pieces of Agile they like best can be cherry-picked and used in isolation. Unless it is combined with Lean Thinking, agile software development can achieve only a fraction of its potential. Agile software teams are not sustainable for very long if they are islands in a sea of waterfall projects. This artcle examines four change processes that must occur simultaneously for agile adoption to succeed.

A Framework for Agile[article]

Bob Aiello discusses how CM and agile practices can go hand in hand - provided that you have a solid framework to work with. With agile's popularity seemingly always on the rise, alongside the need for CM, learn how having both benefits everyone onboard.

Bob  Aiello's picture Bob Aiello
The Search for the Agile Grail[article]

Since the early 90s organizations have searched for ways to accelerate the development and implementation of new business systems. As it turns out, the ability for organizations to rapidly respond to changes in the marketplace, regulatory environment and demand of the customers is a critical competitive advantage. Over the last few years organizations have been experimenting with a new methodology that is thought to provide time savings when it comes to business systems development and implementation. Perhaps the most common methodology being considered is Agile. Agile refers to an approach for software development rather than just a methodology. It is a member of the same class o methodologies as Lean, RUP and Extreme Programming (XP).

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Global Development vs The Agile Manifesto[article]

Agile. Global. Development. Think those three words don't go together? Macadamian Technologies has been doing agile development globally for several yearsa nd has permanent offices in Romania and Armenia and have long-term deals with developers in two other countries. Most of the projects we're doing now have some kind of global component.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Merging Waterfall and Agile: Across the Seven Seas[article]

This s the story about how an onsite/offshore team delivered a fixed-bid project using agile practices. The delivery effort was very successful. This article highlights our approach, challenges and successes.

Daryl  Kulak's picture Daryl Kulak


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