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Test Metrics in a CMMI Level 5 Organization[presentation]

As a CMMI® Level 5 company, Motorola Global Software Group is heavily involved in software verification and validation activities.

Shalini Aiyaroo, Motorola Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
Apprenticeships: A Forgotten Concept in Testing[presentation]

The system of apprenticeship was first developed in the late Middle Ages. The uneducated and inexperienced were employed by a master craftsman in exchange for formal training in a particular craft.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
ISQTB Certification: Setting the Standard for Tester Professionalism[presentation]

Sandra Bourgeois has 25 years experience as an IT professional project manager, test manager, developer and QA lead. She is a Director and Project Manager at MassMutual

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting
Using Production Failures to Jump Start Peformance Test Plans[presentation]

Learning from a production system failure is not a model MassMutual Financial Group would have chosen.

Sandra Bourgeois, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
S-Curves and the Zero Bug Bounce: Plotting the Way to Better Testing[presentation]

The use of objective test metrics is an important step toward improving your ability to effectively manage any test effort. With the two test metrics-the S-Curve and Zero Bug Bounce-you can easily track the progress of the test effort.

Shaun Bradshaw, Questcon Technologies, A Division of Howard Systems Intl.
Testing Dialogues - Technical Issues[presentation]

Is there an important technical test issue bothering you? Or, as a test engineer, are you looking for some career advice?

Facilitated by Esther Derby and Johanna Rothman
Hallmarks of a Great Tester[presentation]

As a manager, you want to select and develop people with the talents to become great testers, the ability to learn the skills of great testers, and the willingness to work hard in order to become great testers.

Michael Hunter, Microsoft Corporation
Sarbanes and Oxley: Your New Stakeholders[presentation]

Determining whether legal and contractual issues apply to your development efforts isn't always simple. There may be some obvious factors: a well-regulated industry, service level agreements, and state or federal agency oversight.

Elle Ringham, Fidelity National Financial
Trends, Innovations and Blind Alleys in Performance Testing[presentation]

Join experts Scott Barber and Ross Collard for a lively discussion/debate on leading edge performance testing tools and methods.

Scott Barber, PerTestPlus, and Ross Collard, Collard & Company
Five Core Metrics to Guide the Testing Endgame[presentation]

By its very nature, the endgame of software projects is a hostile environment.

Robert Galen, RGCG, LLC
PairWise Testing: A Best Practice that Isn't[presentation]

By evaluating software based on its form, structure, content, and documentation, you can use static analysis to test code within a program without actually running or executing the program.

James Bach, Satisfice Inc
Credibility: Your Key to Success as a Test Manager[presentation]

For test managers and testers, credibility is everything. Without credibility, people won't take you seriously or believe your findings.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc
Inside The Masters' Mind: Describing the Tester's Art[presentation]

Exploratory testing is both a craft and a science. It requires intuition and critical thinking.

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
Your Development and Testing Processes Are Defective[presentation]

Verification at the end of a software development cycle is a very good thing. However, if verification routinely finds important defects, then something is wrong with your process.

Mary Poppendieck, Poppendieck LLC
Test Software before You Code[article]

Testing doesn't have to begin after the code has been written. In this column, Jeff Patton resurrects the oldest and most overlooked development technique, which can be used to test a product before any piece of it materializes.

Jeff Patton's picture Jeff Patton


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