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Keeping it Between the Ditches: A Dashboard to Guide Your Testing[presentation]

As a test manager, you need to know how testing is proceeding at any point during the test. You are concerned with important factors such as test time remaining, resources expended, product quality, and test quality. When

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc
Session-Based Exploratory Testing: A Large Project Adventure[presentation]

Session-based exploratory testing has been proposed as a new and improved approach to software testing.

George Bliss, Captaris
Say Yes - or Say No? What to Do When You're Faced with the Impossible[presentation]

The ability to communicate is a tester's-and test manager's-most important skill. Imagine this scenario. You’re a test manager. Your team is working as hard as they can.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
What Every Tester Needs to Know to Succeed in the Agile World[presentation]

Agile methodologies may be coming soon to a project near you. Agile software development holds the promise of faster

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development
Software Security Testing: It's Not Just for Functions Anymore[presentation]

What makes security testing different from classical software testing? Part of the answer lies in expertise, experience, and attitude.

Gary McGraw, Cigital Inc
How to Build Your Own Robot Army[presentation]

Software testing is tough-it can be exhausting and there is never enough time to find all the important bugs. Wouldn't it be nice to have a staff of tireless servants working day and night to make you look good? Well, those days are here.

Harry Robinson, Google
Dispelling Testing's Top Ten Illusions[presentation]

Lloyd Roden as he unveils his list of the top ten illusions that we may face as testers and test managers.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
Test Estimation: Painful or Painless?[presentation]

As an experienced test manager, Lloyd Roden believes that test estimation is one of the most difficult parts of test management. In estimation we must deal with destabilizing dependencies such as poor quality code received by testers.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
The Art of SOA Testing: Theory and Practice[presentation]

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based on Web Services standards has ushered in a new era of how applications are being designed, developed, and deployed.

Rizwan Mallal, Crosscheck Networks
Complete Your Automation with Runtime Analysis[presentation]

So, you have solid automated tests to qualify your product. You have run these tests on various platforms. You have mapped the tests back to the design and requirements documents to verify full coverage. You have confidence that

Poonam Chitale, IBM Rational
Building a Testing Factory[presentation]

At Royal Bank Financial Group we are building a testing factory. Our vision is that code enters as raw material and exits as our finished product--thoroughly tested.

Patricia Medhurst, RBC Financial Group
Testing Web Services in Four Key Dimensions[presentation]

As Web services become a more prominent component of many applications, effective testing of these components is increasingly more important. Dave Mount discusses testing Web services in four different dimensions: functionality,

Dave Mount, J-Soup Software, Inc
Testing SOA Software: The Headless Dilemma[presentation]

Once we were able to ensure quality with some degree of certainty by testing our applications through their user interfaces. As SOA systems based on Web services proliferate, testing through the GUI isn't going to be sufficient.

John Michelsen, iTKO, Inc.
Right Under Your Fingertips: Built-in Windows Tools for Test Automation[presentation]

Launching a test automation effort can be a daunting undertaking. An abundance of testing tools are available-but if you do not have previous automation experience, how can you know if you are investing in the right solution?

Matt Lowrie, Anark Corporation
Software Inspections: Key Elements of Success[presentation]

Inspections have over thirty years of history improving software quality and productivity. Numerous studies have shown inspection is the most effective process for discovering defects.

Edward Weller, Software Technology Transition


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