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Testing Software Builds Automatically Using Virtual PC Software[presentation]

When they receive a new software build, testers usually start their automated testing runs. Instead, what if they could execute tests automatically at the end of the build process?

Geoff Stewart, Itron Inc
Evaluating Requirements for Testability[presentation]

For a test engineer, perhaps the most important measure of requirements quality is testability.

Rodger Drabick, Lockheed Martin Transportation & Security Solutions
Interpersonal Skills for Working with Business Stakeholders[presentation]

As a professional test manager or test engineer, you must keep up with the latest test techniques, management practices, and systems technologies. But that is not enough.

Robert Sabourin, AmiBug.Com Inc
Lightweight .NET User Interface Testing[presentation]

The .NET environment provides a surprising but little known way to create user interface (UI) test automation scripts.

James McCaffrey, Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
A Systematic View of User Acceptance Testing[presentation]

Acceptance testing is a vital and specific form of testing whether you are tasked with rolling out an enterprise application package, releasing a major system enhancement, or developing acceptance tests in an agile development project.

Geoff Quentin, QBIT Ltd
Automate Acceptance Testing using Open Source FitNesse[presentation]

FitNesse is an open source testing tool based on the Wiki Wiki Web and FIT (Framework for Integrated Tests). The Wiki Wiki Web is a collaboration tool in which anyone can create or change new pages to document or share any information.

Micah Martin, Object Mentor, Inc.
Writing Testable Use Cases[presentation]

Use cases are hard to test because they do not have a standard format or style, and lack coherent structure. This is due in part to the need for a standard definition in UML, which defines the graphical part but not the textual part.

Jim Heumann, IBM Rational Software
Quality Assurance as a Service Organization[presentation]

"QA is the bottleneck” ... "Why does QA take so long?" ...

Sandi Oswalt, First American Credco
Introduction to Test-Driven Development[presentation]

Write the test. Make it green. Make it clean. This is the mantra of test-driven development (TDD).

Christian Sepulveda, Covexus, Inc.
Avoiding Test Metric Pitfalls[presentation]

Most software and test managers keep some metrics to help them, but are yours really doing the job for you?

Steve Walters, Dell Computer Corporation
Better Testing with a Hacker's Mentality[presentation]

Security issues are becoming more and more relevant as testers are called on to find security problems before others exploit them. So, where do you start, and how do you bridge the gap between honest tester and bad-guy hacker?

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited
Test Harnesses for API Testing[presentation]

Automated testing in most QA organizations involves capture-playback tools in combination with manual testing. But these types of tests often suffer from well-known implementation and execution problems.

Michael Sonshine, Intuit Inc
Automated Database Testing with NUnit[presentation]

With a framework built in .NET using the open source application NUnit, database application developers and testers quickly can create a basic set of build verification tests and provide a foundation for a set of more powerful tests.

Alan Corwin, Process Builder, Inc.
Quality Metrics for Test: Evaluating Products, Evaluating Ourselves[presentation]

As testers, we usually focus our efforts on measuring the quality of products.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Who is Stealing a Living off Your Web Site?[presentation]

So, your company makes money from its Web site. Who else might also be doing the same? While the Web is a profitable venture for many companies, it is often equally profitable for hackers and thieves.

Florence Mottay, Security Innovation LLC


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