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Peanuts and Crackerjacks: What Baseball Taught Me about Metrics[presentation]

Because people can easily relate to a familiar paradigm, analogies are an excellent way to communicate complex data.

Robert Sabourin, Inc
Face-off: Stuctured Testing vs. Exploratory Testing and Error Guessing[presentation]

Exploratory testing and error guessing are valuable functional testing techniques. Like all other methods, though, they have limitations partly because they are based on the knowledge, experience, and intuition of the test engineer.

William Rollison, Microsoft Corporation
Developing an Error-Based Testing Strategy[presentation]

For more complete testing, you need to find and simulate possible error conditions in a system. Many methods throw exceptions when an error occurs.

Chris Shelley, Dell, Inc.
Manage Your Testing with SCRUM[presentation]

Used successfully in hundreds of agile and iterative development projects, SCRUM is a software project management approach that employs fixed cycle time "sprints" and daily "scrums." SCRUM emphasizes self-directing teams and the role of a "Sc

Robert Galen, Thomson/Dialog
"Risk" Is a Tester's Favorite Four-Letter Word[presentation]

Good project managers speak the language of risk. Their understanding of risk guides important decisions. Testers can contribute to an organization’s decision-making ability by speaking that same language.

Julie Gardiner, QST Consultants Ltd.
Achieving Meaningful Metrics from Your Test Automation Tools[presentation]

In addition to the efficiency improvements you expect from automated testing tools, you can-and should-expect them to provide valuable metrics to help manage your testing effort.

Jack Frank, Mosaic Inc
Inside the Explorer's Notebook[presentation]

Exploratory testing is more than just thinking of clever test ideas and executing them on a whim.

Jon Bach, Quardev, Inc
Strive for Quality in System Testing: A Top 10 List[presentation]

Finding non-functional, system level problems before a system is delivered-and early enough to allow for low cost corrections-is a perennial testing issue.

Jerry Cobry, IBM Corporation
Legal Compliance in Quality Assurance[presentation]

In many industries, we must comply with state or federal statutes, government regulations, and other legal standards. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has brought a new awareness to these issues within testing.

Elle Ringham, Fidelity National Financial
Test Driven Development (TDD) for Secure Applications[presentation]

Test Driven Development (TDD) has emerged as a successful productivity technique for development teams.

James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology
Rapid Bottleneck Identification for Successful Load Testing[presentation]

Rapid bottleneck identification is a methodology that allows QA professionals to very quickly uncover Web application limitations and determine what impact those limitations have on the enduser experience.

Joe Fernandes, Empirix
FitNesse: An Open-Source Tool for Acceptance Testing[presentation]

Testing is a critical aspect of agile development methods. In the acceptance testing process, testers and customers write the automated tests before the code is developed.

Micah Martin, Object Mentor
The Test Strategist's Toolbox[presentation]

As a decision-making framework, a test strategy outlines the vision and values that drive the project and keeps you on a clear path in times of change or uncertainty.

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
Model-Based Testing Meets Exploratory Testing[presentation]

When we are faced with software with unknown requirements or software in an unstable condition, exploratory testing is a cost-effective test technique.

Harry Robinson, Google
Controlling Performance Testing in an Uncontrolled World[presentation]

Think about it ...

Jim Robinson, LexisNexis


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