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Integrating Requirements-Based Tesing in the Development Process[presentation]

Good data feedback of software measurements is critical when analyzing measurement data, for drawing conclusions, and as the basis for taking action.

Richard Bender, Technology Builders, Inc.
Navigating the Minefield - Estimating without Complete Requirements[presentation]

Your team is assigned to a new project, and you've had the kickoff meeting. Now, your boss' boss sends an email to you asking for a "guesstimate" of how long and how many people-days the project will take. What do you do?

Carol Dekkers, Quality Plus Technologies Inc
The Task StackProject Planning and Tracking Approach[presentation]

Task Stack Planning (TASAP) is a novel approach to systematic and quantitative project management.

Gerold Keefer, AVOCA LLC
Key Factors for Making Offshore Development Work[presentation]

Inexpensive and technically competent labor in developing countries has made outsourcing some software development and testing activities an attractive alternative.

Bhushan Gupta, Hewlett-Packard USA
Teamwork and Good Communications are Key "Process" Areas, Too[presentation]

Most of the emphasis for development groups seeking improvement is to change processes and project management practices. But what are we missing? Why does our software often disappoint customers?

Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group Ltd.
Questions to Ask a Software Vendor about Security (and Verify) before Purchase[presentation]

How do you choose which software vendor's product to buy?

Ed Adams, Security Innovation LLC
When Saying Yes Doesn't Help: Software Development as Codependent Behavior[presentation]

Vague requirements, undocumented design, poor code, and impossible schedules-these are the typical complaints of many developers. Whose fault is it? Of course, it is "their" fault-senior management, customers, users, etc.

Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering
Configuration Managment at Work in the Project and the Enterprise[presentation]

For configuration management (CM) processes and systems, one size does NOT fit all.

Mark Pellegrini, Georgia Tech Research Institute
An Incremental Approach to Setting Up a Data Warehouse[presentation]

With the growing popularity of agile methods like eXtreme Programming and the emergence of automated, open source unit testing frameworks such as JUnit, the idea that developers should actively participate in testing their own code finally is

James Ferree, Motorola
Design Patterns in Test Driven Development[presentation]

Design patterns are powerful tools when understood and employed properly. Combining design patterns and test-driven development (TDD) using a set of design principles will achieve higher productivity and quality than either practice alone.

Thirumalesh Bhat, Microsoft Corporation
Design Testability and Service Level Measurements into Software[presentation]

Design and architecture decisions made early in the project have a profound influence on the testability of an application.

Jay Weiser, WorkSoft
End to End Security: Building Products Right[presentation]

How do you build a product that is secure? Why are some products inherently more secure than others? Join Richard Ford as he shares his experiences, both building products and teaching other developers how to think about security.

Richard Ford, Florida Institute of Technology
Discovering the "Real" Software Requirements[presentation]

In this session Paul Desantis takes you through the important aspects of requirements discovery, including sampling documentation, research, observation, questionnaires, interviews, prototyping, and joint planning.

Paul Desantis, Hughes Network Systems
Patterns for Writing Effective Use Cases[presentation]

Use cases are a wonderfully simple concept: document a system's functional requirements by writing down scenarios about how using it delivers value to its actors.

Steve Adolph, WSA Consulting Inc.
RequireMINTS - Fresh Approach to Analyzing Requirements[presentation]

Studies show that most application defects are introduced before a single line of code is developed-with many (if not most) of these defects attributed to poor requirements.

Dion Johnson, DiJiMax Consulting, Inc.


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