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Combinatorial Testing Experiences, Tools, and Solutions[presentation]

Good test designs often require testing many different sets of valid and invalid input parameters, hardware/software environments, and system conditions. This results in a combinatorial explosion of test cases.

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG
Model-Based Testing for Java and Web-Based GUI Applications[presentation]

With the tools existing today, model-based testing for Java applications is extremely difficult to implement.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc
Testing and Thriving in an FDA Regulated Environment[presentation]

As for all life-critical software, the FDA guidance document on software validation emphasizes defect prevention, complexity analysis, risk assessment, and code coverage.

Jim Bedford, Metreck Corporation
Workgroup Retrospectives for Test Teams[presentation]

You may have heard about the power of project retrospectives, but will a retrospective benefit your test team or development team when you don't control the budget or set priorities for the entire project? The answer is yes.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Improving Testing with Process Assessments[presentation]

Fast development cycles, distributed architectures, code reuse, and developer productivity suites make it imperative that we improve our software test efficiency. A process assessment is one approach to begin an improvement program.

Robert Topolski, Intel Corporation
Free Test Tools are Like a Box of Chocolates[presentation]

You never know what you are going to get! Until you explore, it can be hard to tell whether a free, shareware, or open source tool is an abandoned and poorly documented research project or a robust powerhouse of a tool.

Danny Faught, Tejas Software Consulting
Mistaken Interpretation[article]

Our brains are wonderful processors capable of making sense of the huge amount of sensory input we receive every day. But sometimes, our first interpretation of sensory data can lead us astray. Esther Derby shows us how assuming our interpretation of events holds the truth of the matter can damage relationships, and how testing our interpretations can help.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Using Personas to Improve Testing[presentation]

Too often testers are thrown into the testing process without direct knowledge of the customers' behaviors and business process.

Robyn Edgar, Microsoft
Managing Agile Test Departments[presentation]

What is the impact of agile methods on test departments and testers? How do you manage testing in an agile test department?

Robert Martin, Object Mentor
Mainframe-Class Recoverability Testing[presentation]

The corollary to the axiom "all software has bugs" is "you will never find them all." Even if you could, hardware and environmental failures always are lurking about, waiting to crash the software.

Scott Loveland, IBM Corporation
A "Follow the Sun" Test Automation Strategy[presentation]

In this case study of an award winning project, Andy Redwood describes how his team used "best shoring" of testing services to reduce costs, reuse assets, and get the best from their test automation tools.

Andy Redwood, Buttonwood Tree Group
Applying eXtreme Programming Techniques to Automated Testing[presentation]

"Automating manual tests was taking too long and we believed that overhead would become too high to maintain the automated tests.

Neill McCarthy, BJSS
The Business Case for Software Quality[presentation]

Software quality is first and foremost a business issue, and testing is often the last line of defense.

Richard Bender, Bender RBT Inc.
Conveying Performance Test Results with Data Visualization[presentation]

Performance and load testing generate barrels of data about transaction times, hardware resource utilization, and system behaviors.

Dan Downing, Mentora Inc
Asia as a Test Outsource Center[presentation]

Outsourcing testing software projects to countries in Asia is a trend that is here to stay. You have a growing number of choices for an outsourcing country in Asia-India, China, Taipei, Korea, and others.

Jacob Hsu, Symbio Group


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