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Code With Character[magazine]

Use .NET generics to get to know your data types and form more meaningful, trusting, typesafe relationships with them.

Tod Golding's picture Tod Golding
Who Do You Trust?[article]

When writing quality code, Tod Golding feels like an ultra-paranoid customs agent. Every method clients try to pass is scrutinized for ill data. Because we all want to write robust code, we become defensive programmers. In this Code Craft, Tod shows how you can write defensive code today to protect yourself tomorrow.

Tod Golding's picture Tod Golding
Agile Processes: Making Metrics Simple[article]

IT organizations and, in particular, application development departments, are increasingly under pressure to provide performance and compliance metrics to justify annual spend. Unfortunately, many metrics campaigns collapse under their own weight. 

StickyMinds Editorial's picture StickyMinds Editorial
Taking Our Act on the Road[magazine]

In this Test Connection, Michael Bolton discusses making your products portable.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
Strengthening Your Speaking Savvy[article]

Speaking at a conference can work wonders for your credibility. Delivering a presentation is an opportunity to share your insights, convey valuable information, and gain a reputation as an expert on your topic. Provided you keep a few key points in mind. In this article, Naomi Karten offers suggestions for successful presentations.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Relating PMBOK Practices to Agile Practices - Part 1 of 4[article]

Michele Sliger understands the difficulties traditional project management practitioners go through as they transition from plan-driven approaches to newer agile methodologies. In this column, the first in a four-part series, Michele discusses the initial key area of PMBOK: integration management.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Do We Have to Choose Between Management and Leadership?[article]

Do organizations need fewer managers and more leaders? Do the qualities of one outweigh those of the other? In this article, Esther Derby defines leadership and management, and shows how one test manager incorporates both.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Cliff Berg - High Assurance Design[article]

Cliff Berg talks about his new book "High Assurance Design", Agile Development and repairing the image of Architects.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance: Burden or Opportunity for QA?[presentation]

Did they have to create more work for IT? There is no doubt that Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and similar compliance regulations have created a significant new workload for IT departments, including many QA/Test groups.

Rutesh Shah, InfoStretch Corporation
Test Metrics in a CMMI® Level 5 Organization[presentation]

As a CMMI® Level 5 company, Motorola Global Software Group is heavily involved in software verification and validation activities.

Shalini Aiyaroo, Motorola Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
Test Centers of Excellence: A Structured Approach for Test Outsourcing[presentation]

While some outsourced test projects have delivered measurable business benefits, many others have not lived up to expectations.

Anand Iyer, Infosys Technologies Ltd
Design and Optimize Test Cases from Use Cases[presentation]

As part of developing software requirements, many project teams employ use cases to describe the human interactions with a system. Testers can use the same documents to optimize test case design.

Ronald Rissel, Vanguard
What Hollywood Taught Me About Software Testing[presentation]

Powerful lessons can be learned from some of the great epic movies of our day: "Star Wars" and bug triage, "Indiana Jones" and requirements, "Monty Python" and configuration management, "Jurassic Park" and unit testing, "The Usual Suspects" a

Robert Sabourin, Inc
Behavior Specification for Testing Embedded Systems[presentation]

A behavior specification is a valuable engineering artifact for the design, review, and testing of embedded software.

Dwayne Knirk, Sandia National Laboratories
Measurements that Matter: Choosing Effective Test Metrics[presentation]

Every software project can benefit from some sort of metrics, but industry studies show that 80 percent of software metrics initiatives fail.

Alan Page, Microsoft Corporation


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