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Web Testing Circus: An Expert-Led Search for Security Defects[presentation]

Step right up! Come see the sights! Join in the fun! The circus is in town and admission is free with your STAREAST badge.

Michael Andrews, Foundstone Professional Services
Applying Use Case-Driven Testing in Agile Development[presentation]

Use Cases provide a user-focused sequence of events that also can serve as a template for functional testing activity.

Dean Leffingwell, Consultant
STAREAST 2005: Planning for Successful Test Automation[presentation]

You have the automation tool. You have the right technical skills. You have the application experts at your disposal. It’s time to jump in and start coding! Or is it?

Steve Walters, Dell Computer Corporation
Software Inspections for the Common Folk[presentation]

Many have tried to implement software inspections in commercial development shops ... and failed.

Ronald Yun, ADP
Congratulations! You're the New Test Manager[presentation]

When creating an entirely new QA organization, where do you start?

Karl Shearer, Erie Insurance Group
The QA/Testing Perspective on Software Security[presentation]

Most everyone now realizes that we cannot solve security vulnerabilities with firewalls, virus scanners, and other tactics that build an electronic “moat” around systems.

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited
Moving from Test-Last to Test-Driven Development[presentation]

Has it ever happened to you? Due to an immovable delivery schedule, time for testing is squeezed and long hours are the norm at the end of a project. Well, let’s move the testing forward in the development process.

Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software
A Simple (and Revolutionary) Test Automation Dashboard[presentation]

Even though most everyone recognizes that automation is a key element in improving test efficiency, many automation efforts unfortunately fall far short of achieving the desired results.

Kelly Whitmill, IBM Corporation
It's Too Darn Big: Test Techniques for Gigantic Systems[presentation]

Structuring test designs and prioritizing your test effort for large and complex software systems are daunting tasks, ones that have beaten many, very good test engineers.

Keith Stobie, Microsoft Corporation
Blind Men Meet the Quality Elephant[presentation]

For many organizations, software quality is an elephant found by blind men who think they can see. People hold different opinions about quality based on their work roles and interests.

Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group Ltd
The Imperative of Non-Functional System Testing[presentation]

Ignore or downplay non-functional system testing at your peril. A thorough, well-executed nonfunctional test plan discovers software defects usually overlooked with functional testing.

Julian Harty, Commercetest Limited
Quality Interactions: Bulding Effective Working Relationships[presentation]

As software professionals, we all care about quality. We focus our efforts on building quality into the code and testing to assess quality and find errors before our customers do.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Get a New Agile Attitude - Quality First[presentation]

For decades quality assurance (QA) has been a back-end loaded process. Developers put the bugs in, and QA tests the bugs out.

Robert Martin, Object Mentor
Plans, Processes, and Practices for Successful Test Outsourcing[presentation]

There are many reasons why outsourcing IT activities requires extra attention, especially when it concerns software testing. Examples of complete failures are common, and "backsourcing" is not uncommon today.

Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV
Testing of Web-Based and Java Applications with Models[presentation]

With most GUI test tools that exist today, model-based testing for Java applications is extremely difficult to implement.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc


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