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Deploy a Peerless Peer Review Process[presentation]

Peer review programs are like parachutes-proper deployment is essential; otherwise, they inevitably will crash. When effectively implemented, peer reviews have a significant return on investment and result in greater product reliability.

Lee Sheiner, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Testing Dialogues - Management Issues[presentation]

As a test manager, are you struggling at work with a BIG test management issue or a personnel issue? If so, this session is for you.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Intelligence Testing: Techniques for Validating a Data Warehouse System[presentation]

Many organizations have implemented information repositories-single-source data warehouses-to capture and provide key business intelligence information.

Geoff Horne, iSQA
A Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Test Process Improvement Go Down[presentation]

Test process improvement is the medicine many software organizations need to heal wounds caused by today's fast-paced software development lifecycles.

Dion Johnson, DiJohn IC, Inc
Bugs Shipped: Agile Versus eXtreme[presentation]

Traditionally, acceptance testing is an end-of-development, final-stage test activity, often done ad-hoc by users.

Marnie Hutcheson, Ideva
The Value-added Manager: Five Pragmatic Practices[presentation]

What do great managers do that others don't? Great managers focus their efforts, increase their productivity, and develop their people.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Going Wireless - Test Strategies for Mobile Applications[presentation]

Testers face unique challenges with mobile applications. Not only do the testers have to test the software for functional and performance correctness, they have to consider compatibility with innumerable combinations of devices and networks.

Manish Mathuria, InfoStretch Corporation
Testing Outside the Bachs: A Hands-On Exploratory Testing Workshop[presentation]

Simply put, exploratory testing means designing your tests as you perform them. When it's done well, it's a fantastically productive and rewarding approach to testing. However, to do it well requires training, practice, and discipline.

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
A Flight of Fancy - The Evolution of a Test Process for Spacecraft Software[presentation]

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory formed an embedded software group for producing space flight software.

Brenda Clyde, Johns Hopkins University
Testing with Styles[presentation]

Walt Disney is famous for characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, but there were three special characters he used as thinking tools. No, not Huey, Duey, and Louie, Donald's nephews, but three special character styles.

Erik Petersen, Emprove
Apprenticeships: A Forgotten Concept in Testing Training[presentation]

The system of apprenticeship was first developed in the late Middle Ages. The uneducated and inexperienced were employed by a master craftsman in exchange for formal training in a particular craft.

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
Lightning Talks: A Potpourri of 5-Minute Presentations[presentation]

Lightning Talks are nine five-minute talks in a fifty-minute time period. Lightning Talks represent a much smaller investment of time than track speaking and offer the chance to try conference speaking without the heavy commitment.

Erik Petersen, Emprove
Agile Testing of Embedded, Real-Time Systems[presentation]

Until now, Agile development and testing concepts have been aimed largely at Web sites, interactive applications, and software packages where short production cycles are a must.

Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin
Open SourceTest Automation Frameworks[presentation]

Open source software has come a long way in the past few years. However, for automated testing there still are not many ready-made solutions.

Allen Hutchison, Google
What the US Marine Corp Taught Me About Test Management[presentation]

When we think of teams and teamwork, who epitomizes the team concept more than the US Marine Corps? From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli or to the hallways of your company, success requires teamwork.

Sean Buck, The Capital Group Companies Inc


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