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Through the Eyes of a Troubled Customer[article]

Have you ever had to cope with a demanding developer? A touchy tester? A quarrelsome QA person? A cantankerous customer? Why oh why do people act that way? This column describes the route one IT group took to reverse a customer's bad attitude and make her a valuable ally.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Testing A Complex Multi-Media System wiht Action Words[presentation]

Testing games is in many ways similar to testing many complex, multi-media applications. In this hands-on presentation, Hans Buwalda demonstrates practical ways to automatically test a game using an intelligent, model-driven robot.

Hans Buwalda, LogiGear Corporation
What You Need to Know About Testing Web Services[presentation]

With Web services touted as revolutionary technology for eBusiness, many companies are beginning to add this dynamic element to their internal and external Web applications.

Deb Kablotsky, RadView Software Inc
Automate the Right Things First[presentation]

Not every test automation project should be done and not all deserve the highest priority. You need a repeatable process that you can use to filter requests to automate tests.

Lance Griter, McKesson Corporation
From Zero to Production[presentation]

It is a daunting task to create a test organization from scratch. You have to obtain buy-in from key stakeholders, recruit the test team, develop their skills, build trust with the project members, and show the value of testing.

George Toney, LexisNexis
Confessions of a Modeling Bigot[presentation]

Migrating a testing infrastructure from data-driven test automation to a model-driven test architecture, including the need to maintain backward compatibility was a huge challenge for Michael Corning and his groupx0151but a very rewarding one

Michael Corning, Microsoft Corporation
A Test Strategy For Web Services[presentation]

What are Web services and why should you care? Web services offer companies the opportunity to deliver applications that are not feasible with traditional approaches.

Alan Newman, Spirent Communications
Attacking GUI Test Automation Maintaince Headaches[presentation]

GUI-centric automation scripting is a major cause of the high costs and failed test automation efforts.

Jeff Feldstein, Cisco Systems Inc
Building An Enterprise Test Lab[presentation]

An enterprise test lab provides a stable, independent testing environment that leverages your investment in equipment, software, and people. These labs are often built without an analysis of the architecture needed for an effective test lab.

Alan Forand, EDS
Testing Dynamic Web Applications With Usage Models[presentation]

Markov chain usage models provide significant automation capabilities, including test case generation, test execution, and result analysis.

Kirk Sayre, The University of Tennessee
Testing Beyond Section 508 Compliance for Accessibility[presentation]

In the software and Web site testing arenas, you must evaluate your commitment to Section 508 compliance, as well as the accessibility of products and applications to people with disabilities.

Juanita Fischer, Joint Interoperability Test Command
Automated Testability: The Missing Link in Test Automation[presentation]

Many organizations invest in test automation tools that become "shelfware." One answer is automated testabilityx0151how well an application supports the implementation, execution, and maintenance of automated testing.

John Fodeh, B-K Medical
Ensuring Requirements Traceability in Functional and Performance Testing[presentation]

If written requirements are important in your development process, then requirements traceability is a key to ensuring quality in your testing process.

Marc Bloom, Capital One Financial Corp
Increase the value of your testing with Business-oriented metrics[presentation]

Business-oriented metrics can bridge the gap between the activities your testing organization perform and the business value your testing produces.

Claude Fenner, Arsin Corporation
Security Testing Web Applications[presentation]

Often, the fast-paced development cycles of Web applications don't usually leave much room for testing. Thanks to the instant service pack phenomenon, we can update a Web application every day-so it's ok if things aren't perfect, right?

Dr. Mike Andrews, Florida Institute of Technology


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