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Using Test Objectives to Define, Summarize, and Report Your Test Efforts[presentation]

A large system test can consist of hundreds or even thousands of test cases, making it difficult to report results to management in a meaningful way. We typically use summary metrics, but they don't always present a clear picture.

Jan Scott, QB Software
Creating and Maturing a Testing Center of Excellence[presentation]

How can your test organization help drive improvement in the overall software lifecycle?

Thomas George, Capital One Financial Corp
Data-Driven Techniques To Text XML APIs[presentation]

Adapting the Convergys's Advance Data-Driven Techniques (ADDT) process, the company has successfully automated testing of XML APIs.

Shakil Ahmad, Convergys
The Performance Management Lifecycle-Benchmarking, Methodology and Criteria[presentation]

Reliable and consistent performance must be an integral part of your software's release criteria and specifically tested during quality assurance. Learn the key elements of building a performance benchmark for your application.

Steven Rabin, Insight Venture Partners
Getting More Mileage Out of Your Automation[presentation]

Don't settle for rerunning the same automated test cases over and over again. Instead, get more mileage out of your automation!

Kelly Whitmill, IBM Corporation
Rapid Web Testing in a High-Velocity Environment[presentation]

It’s going live tonight! How can I test Web changes when I have only a few hours for testing? In this session, Greg Paskal presents the Minimal Essential Testing Strategy (METS) designed to aid in your rapidly changing Web environment.

Greg Paskal, Kinko's
Sell Your Management on a New Testing Process[presentation]

New test approaches and methods can temporarily disrupt your testing department's productivity, often making it tough to get these new approaches embraced by senior management and accepted into test teams.

Harry Robinson, Microsoft Corporation
Testing In Changing Times[presentation]

Programming methods and tools are changing at a pace unrivaled since the Seventies. The economy has changed dramatically and continues to change now. New technology appears continuously and is becoming cheaper to deploy.

Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
Metrics For Test Managers[presentation]

To be most effective, test managers must develop and use metrics to help manage the testing effort and make informed decisions about the software' quality.

Rick Craig, Software Quality Engineering
How To Break Software Security[presentation]
Herbert H. Thompson and James Whittaker, System Integrity LLC and Florida Institute of Technology
When Enough is Not Enough[article]

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where, no matter what you do, you can't seem to please your senior manager? Your manager wants you to decrease test time, but at what price? You go back and forth, but no matter how much you compress the schedule, it's never enough. Johanna Rothman explains how to avoid the bring-me-a-rock trap, when enough is not enough, and keep your team from being sucked into unreasonable time constraints.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Who is running this project anyway? Managing Distributed Testing Teams[presentation]

Distributed testing is often used to leverage outsourced or offshore test and development labs. Managing distributed projects does not automatically begin when the contract is signed, or during the kick-off meeting.

Jacob Hsu, Symbio
One Bad Apple[article]

Never underestimate the divisive power one person can have on an entire team. One team member with a bad attitude can affect overall productivity, communication, and job satisfaction. This week, Lori Howard offers some direct, decisive solutions for handling these "de-jellers" before they ruin your otherwise cohesive team.

Lori Howard's picture Lori Howard
Trading Gold for Days[article]

Spending additional money on resources to ease the strain of a tight schedule seems like a good idea. What project manager wouldn't want more help with a project? This week, Peter Clark explains the pluses and the pitfalls of trading gold for days.

Peter Clark's picture Peter Clark
Out of Mind, Out of Sight[article]

Sometimes it takes a child's perspective to remind us of the things that have become "invisible" to us. We make choices that become part of the daily flow and are forgotten until something happens that reopens our eyes. This week, Esther Derby explains how a four-year-old reminded her of an important lesson about decisions and routines.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby


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