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Cosmic Truths about Software Requirements[presentation]

The history of many software projects shows that requirements mistakes are the most expensive ones to correct late in development. So, why do we make big requirements errors over and over, even in mission-critical software projects?

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact
Software is Entering a New Dimension - Are You Ready?[presentation]

A revolution in the business of software is coming . . . The boundaries between the business and IT from one enterprise to another will disappear. The space around functional system silos will dissolve.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft
Getting Started with Test Driven Development[presentation]

Test-driven (or test first) development (TDD) is an excellent method for improving the quality of software applications.

Robert Walsh, EnvisionWare, Inc.
Preventing Security Breaches at the Source[presentation]

Security is a complex and often overwhelming issue. You cannot rely solely on trying to prevent hackers from entering your systems. Instead, you must ensure that the system safeguards itself if a hacker does break in.

Sergei Sokolov, ParaSoft Corporation
Continuous Integration Using an Open Source Platform Architecture[presentation]

Continuous integration is the process of performing a fully automated build, run often, usually daily, during software development. How do you develop a robust platform architecture to automatically integrate your software into builds?

Paul Duvall, Cigital, Inc.
Open Source Development Tools: Coping with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt[presentation]

Using open source tools in a development and test environment can be a big relief for your budget. However, open source remains a foreign and often frightening concept for many developers and organizations.

Danny Faught, Tejas Software Consulting
Service-Oriented Architecture - Exposed[presentation]

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), incorporating methods for Web services to communicate dynamically, promises to significantly improve organizational operating efficiency, change the way companies conduct business, and even alter the compe

Sharon Fay, Flashline, Inc.
eXtreme Architecture and Design for Test[presentation]

eXtreme programming emphasizes test-first coding-you write the tests before writing the implementation code. You can apply the same approach in design when developing a complex system, including an architecture to support testing.

Ken Pugh, Pugh-Killeen Associates
GUI Usability Design and Validation with Paper Prototypes[presentation]

Usability testing of early GUI designs with paper prototypes validates that you are building the right applications for your customers.

Ann Walker, The MathWorks Inc
Pervasive XML for the Agile Enterprise[presentation]

XML technology usage continues to grow and is being incorporated in enterprise applications. Industry groups are embracing XML as a mechanism to encourage standard data interchanges within their vertical industry.

James McGovern, Hartford Financial Services Group
Build the "Right Software" to Delight Your Customer[presentation]

Many companies have implemented quality programs such as CMM®, TQM, Six Sigma, etc., to improve requirements and software development.

Unmesh Gundewar, EMC Corporation
A Defined Process for Requirements Peer Reviews[presentation]

Most software projects include reviews-whether or not they are officially part of the development process. Unfortunately, these reviews are often inefficient, and even unproductive.

Rob Wyatt, Wachovia
Refining Requirements with Test Cases[presentation]

Requirements are supposed to be the basis of most test cases, but can you use test cases to define what the system needs to do--to improve or to actually become the requirements?

Tanya Martin-McClellan, Texas Mutual Insurance Company
Expressing Requrirements as Users Stories - an Agile Approach[presentation]

Expressing requirements as user stories is one of the most broadly applicable techniques introduced by eXtreme Programming and adopted by other agile development processes.

Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software
Go on Offense: Prevent Web Application Security Breaches[presentation]

You must successfully test your browser-based applications before hackers do the job for you!

Dennis Hurst, SPI Dynamics Inc


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