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Test Estimation: Tools and techniques for realistic predictions of your test effort[magazine]

Sometimes the toughest thing about testing is deciding how long it will take and what resources it will require. Read about techniques, including "Divide and Conquer," to make this part of the job easier.

Rex Black's picture Rex Black
QA Consciousness Raising[magazine]

Change is hard, but leading your managers and co-workers toward higher quality needn't be dull and dreary. In this article, author Lisa Crispin explains several techniques you can use to take your organization to the next level, including gauging your visibility and recruiting a quality champion.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Computer Bribery[article]

"There's a little something in it for you if the product is ready for testing next week." To make a date, have you ever resorted to offering or accepting such a payout? You don't often encounter the technique in management books, but we all know that people can be motivated by money. In this week's column, Sheryl Smith imagines a scenario where the equipment is "bribed" to speed delivery. Read on for the point of view from inside the computer.

Sheryl Smith's picture Sheryl Smith
Making It Happen....No Matter What[presentation]

The bar hasn't been lowered, but for many, the resources have. Increased workloads and frozen spending can challenge any test team.

Ed Kit, Software Development Technologies
Writing Better Defect Reports[presentation]

Why is it that some testers get better responses from developers than others? Part of the answer lies in their defect reports. Following a few simple guidelines can smooth the way for a much more productive environment.

Kelly Whitmill, IBM
The Future of Test Automation and Its Impact on You[presentation]

Do you think software testing professionals fully leverage the amazing computing power that's available to them? Are you up to speed on the latest research efforts in software testing?

Alberto Savoia, TestAgility Inc.
Applications-Centric Testing of System-Level Components[presentation]

Testing system-level components such as the Java API for XML-Based Remote Procedure Calls is a challenging task.

Vinay Pai and Arun Gupta, Sun Microsystems
Interface-Driven Model-Based Test Automation[presentation]

For larger projects, interface-driven modeling is often an improvement over the more common requirements-driven models for test automation.

Mark Blackburn, Software Productivity Consortium
Adventures in Session-Based Testing[presentation]

Many projects' first test approaches are characterized by uncontrolled, ad hoc testing. Session-based testing can help you manage unscripted, reactive testing.

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
Managing Your Master Test Suite[presentation]

What is your master test suite made of? Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails? If you're like most testing organizations, that probably isn't too far off.

Dale Bettine, Intel Corporation
Testing and QA with eXtreme Programming Practices[presentation]

A Java development project team had proceeded to 25% completion using the traditional waterfall development method when they were suddenly asked to adopt eXtreme Programming (XP) practices and continue with the project.

Sanjay Srinivas, Sabre Inc
Testing Microsoft .NET Web Services[presentation]

What the heck is a Web service and how does one go about testing it anyway? A Web service provides encapsulated functionality with an interface for sending and receiving information, but it doesn't have a user interface.

Thomas Arnold, Xtend Development, Inc.
Test Automation: Reducing Time to Market[presentation]

Test automation has remained a popular topic for discussion among testers. In this session, Jim Dougherty walks you through the development of an actual, first-stage automation process.

James Dougherty and Keith Haber, Lexis-Nexis
A Quick Lesson in Test Estimation[presentation]

You're a software tester who's just been given a new project. You understand what's important to the customers, users, and other stakeholders in the new application, so designing and implementing your tests are no problem.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.
Performance Testing for Web Services[presentation]

Web services is a hot topic. Ever wonder, what are they really- or how can we test for the performance and scalability of these new types of Web applications?

David Weir, Keynote Systems Inc


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