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Bulletproof your Review Program![presentation]

In this article, the author explains how to bulletproof your review program by avoiding traps that typically kill technical review programs.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Bug Taxonomies: How to Generate Better Tests[presentation]

This article discusses how to use bug taxonomies to help generate better tests.

Giri Vijayaraghavan, Texas Instruments Inc
"Best Practices" and "Context-Driven": Building a Bridge[presentation]

This article discusses how to employ "best practices" and how to also implement them as daily "good practices" for your project.

Neil Thompson, Thompson Information Systems Consulting Ltd.
Practical Experiences in Graph-Based Testing[presentation]

This article discusses design techniques and models implemented in graph-based testing. Test script models are also detailed along with test script development.

Alan Richardson, Compendium Developments Ltd
Testing for Section 508 and WCAG Accessibility Compliance[presentation]

This article discusses testing for Section 508 and WCAG Accessibility compliance. It explains what Section 508 is and what it means for your testing group.

Bill Chandler, Rational Software ATBU
Introduce and Sustain a Worldwide Software Inspection Process[presentation]

In this presentation you will discover how to: understand the benefits that come with implementing inspections, understand the steps to rollout an effective inspection process, how to anticipate the problems that can be

Marc Rene, GTECH Corporation
Requirements-Based Testing: An Overview[presentation]

In this article, the author discusses how to deliver more function, in less time, and with fewer resources while maintaining a high level of quality. He details how poorly written requirements can lead to major system errors.

Gary Mogyorodi, BIT, Inc.
The Business Value of Quality and Testing[presentation]

Adam Tate discusses the business value of quality and testing. Learn how to increase the business value of your customer approach. Discover how to put the "R" back in ROI.

Adam Tate, IBM
Becoming a Successful Test Manager[presentation]

In this article, Chris DeNardis discusses the skills necessary to becoming a successful test manager. He outlines how to get organized, and how to better communicate with your team.

Christopher DeNardis, Rockwell Automation
A Detailed Look at the Idiosyncrasies of Test Tool Training[article]

In this article the author delineates some of the training issues confronting organizations that purchase automated test tools. The article delves into the copious decisions that a test manager has to make in order to get their testers properly trained on the use of the purchased automated test tools. Numerous insights are provided to help companies cope with the complexities associated with training testing resources.

Jose Fajardo's picture Jose Fajardo
Model-Driven Architecture[article]

Powerful new development technologies such as model-based code generation will overwhelm test teams that continue to create tests by hand. It's time for testers to put their own productivity into a higher gear. Harry Robinson tells you all about it in this column.

Harry Robinson's picture Harry Robinson
The Tyranny of the "To Do" List[article]

We create lists to help us prioritize tasks and stay on schedule. Sometimes those lists help us accomplish those tasks faster. Sometimes those lists simply chain us to an archaic way of doing things. Having a "To Do" list is a good thing if you don't let it prevent you from thinking outside the box. In this column, Elisabeth explains why the agenda items that don't make the list can often be some of the most important.

Elisabeth Hendrickson's picture Elisabeth Hendrickson
Stop the Bad MBOs[article]

Some managers use "management by objectives" effectively; however, too often they are used destructively and undermine the team. In this article Rex gives the clarion call to stop the bad MBOs and gives three case studies of what not to do.

Rex Black's picture Rex Black
Software Testing Turnovers[presentation]

This paper was originally presented at an SQE STAR conference. It is offered here unedited in its original format.


Jeffrey S. Davis
Techniques and Processes for Reliability Testing[presentation]

This paper details techniques and processes for reliability testing.

Ross Collard, Collard and Company


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