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A Roadmap for Software Testing Tools[presentation]

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Michael Sowers, Software Development Technologies
Software Test Automation 2003: Implementing a Test Automation Framework[presentation]

This paper will teach you the keys to test automation success and tell you how to design test library architectures. Also discussed are the pros and cons of using test automation tools.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft
Load and Scalability Testing: Automation Issues and Solutions[presentation]

This paper discusses how to assess system performance, response time and throughput, how to test the ability of a system and its supporting infrastructure to handle loads and stresses, how to test system robustness and the capability to recov

Ross Collard, Collard and Company
Software Test Automation Fall 2003: Test Automation on a Shoestring[presentation]

Shoestring automation can help your team identify viable solutions that are available at the lowest possible price. It's also important to know what commercial tools are available for use and understand when you're better off using them.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
State of the Practice in Application Development: A Basis for Benchmarking[presentation]

This presentation explains why knowing broad industry trends regarding application development is not enough to ensure a successful project. AD should be tightly bound to businesses.

Robert Solon, Gartner Inc
The Secret Ingredients of High Morale[article]

Jessica and Sean have just attended the company spirit meeting, and they're feeling a little dispirited. What does it really take to build morale? The answer is both simple and difficult. Learn the ingredients of morale as identified by a group of experts—a project team that may be a lot like yours.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Human Communication on Projects[article]

Tackling communication issues at the start can set a project up for success. Staying alert to communication issues during a project means keeping the lines open, clear, accurate, and helpful. Then when the deadline approaches, the schedule slips, or serious problems start cropping up, issues can be confronted much more smoothly and efficiently. In this column, Eileen discusses how human communication affects projects from start to finish.

Eileen Strider's picture Eileen Strider
Helpful Hints for Interviewing Experienced QA/Testing Candidates[article]

This article introduces suggested questions that can be presented to a candidate interviewing for a QA/Testing position. The suggested questions would help a test manager assess a candidate's knowledge of QA concepts and technical skills. The test manager can create a sample set of questions from this article and that will help them form a framework for efficiently interviewing future candidates.

Jose Fajardo's picture Jose Fajardo
A Look at Mercury Interactive's WinRunner[magazine]

In this edition of "Tool Look," Chris Meisezahl takes a look at Mercury Interactive's WinRunner.

Christopher J. Meisenzahl's picture Christopher J. Meisenzahl
Teambuilding at Work[magazine]

In this edition of "The Last Word," Johanna Rothman outlines a team building exercise that omits ropes courses and campfire songs.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Collaborative Pest Control[magazine]

Read this edition of "From the Front Line," to find out why Brett Goldman says having more QA meetings can be a good thing.

Brett Goldman's picture Brett Goldman
Job Hunting in a Tight Market[magazine]

Tech stocks are down, money is tight, and companies are laying off. Are there any jobs out there for software professionals? In this edition of "Career Development," Rebecca Traeger speaks to two industry recruiters to find out.

Rebecca Traeger's picture Rebecca Traeger
Exhausting Your Test Options[magazine]

In this edition of "Bug Report," Doug Hoffman tells the story of exhaustively testing a 32-bit square root function.

Doug Hoffman's picture Doug Hoffman
A Rush to Judgement[magazine]

If you find an article grating on you, if you think the author is clearly wrong-headed, I suggest you read it differently than you probably read most articles. Explicitly separate what the author implies you should believe from the actions she describes. Focus on her specific results and the actions that led to them. How, in your style of work could you adapt the author's actions to get your results? In this edition of Technically Speaking, Brian Marick explores this possibilty.

Brian Marick's picture Brian Marick
Once upon a Design[magazine]

Communicating a project design is similar to telling or writing a story, and the same rules apply. Discover how to consider your purpose and your audience as you craft your tale.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock's picture Rebecca Wirfs-Brock


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