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Personal Skills for Test Professionals[presentation]

This paper discusses personal skills for test professionals and managers. In addition to excellent technical skills and an understanding of testing methodologies and tools, testers, and their managers, must have a rich portfolio of

Steve Allott, ElectroMind Limited
Test Process Improvement Using the TPI Approach[presentation]

This paper discusses test process improvement using the TPI approach.

Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV
Scripting for Testing 101: An Introduction[presentation]

These presentation materials are not available online. Please contact the authors for more information.

Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
Establishing a Fully Integrated Test Automation Architecture[presentation]

These conference materials have not been published at the request of the speaker. For information: Contact

Ed Kit, Software Development Technologies
Estimation for Test Projects[presentation]

This paper discusses practical tools and techniques for adapting to project constraints. A hypothetical case study is also included.

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc.
The Dynamic Answer to Test Automation: Model-Based Testing[presentation]

This paper discusses the advantages to using Model-Based testing. Model-Based testing provides efficient coverage, tests what you expect and what you don’t, and finds crashing and non-crashing bugs.

Harry Robinson, Microsoft Corporation
Implementing a Test Automation Framework[presentation]

This paper discusses how to properly implement a test
automation framework. You will learn keys to automation success, how to design test library architecture, and how to develop project implementation models.

Linda Hayes, WorkSoft
A Positive View of Negative Testing[presentation]

Negative testing is a core skill of experienced testers, and requires an opportunist, exploratory approach to get the best value from the time spent.

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
Building Executable Software Test Specifications[presentation]

This paper discusses how executable software test specifications can help you reach project goals, and offer solutions to three common software problems.

Michael Corning, Microsoft Corporation
Testing Microsoft.NET Applications[presentation]

This paper will teach you how to build testing processes from lessons learned and best practices. Solutions are recommended to help enhance your .NET programming experience.

Al Rago, Olenick & Associates
Seven Habits of Highly Insecure Software[presentation]

Many security bugs escape traditional testing techniques and the authors wanted to find out why. They studied thousands of real security bugs.

Herbert Thompson, Security Innovation LLC
Testing Success or Failure - It's Up to You[presentation]

This paper discusses how you can move as many dangers out of the testing minefield as possible. You'll also learn how to limit the impact of the dangers you cannot move so you will be able to maximize the time you spend testing.

Donna O'Neill, IV&V Australia
Interoperability Testing with Java Web Services[presentation]

This paper discusses why it is important to test for interoperability.

Vinay Pai, Sun Microsystems
Blueprint for QA and Testing a Typical Enterprise Application in 2004[presentation]

This paper provides a QA blueprint for testing enterprise applications in 2004. Many diagrams and examples are also included.

Frank Cohen, PushToTest
Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Test Automation[presentation]

In this paper, Mr. Rice discusses what it takes to survive the top ten challenges of software test automation. Detailed explanations of solutions to these common problems facing teams are also included.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc


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