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Eliminating Automation Overhead[magazine]

Overhead code is code that is necessary for carrying out the operations of an automated test, but obscures the test's point. Find out how using interface layers can lead to greater efficiency and easier maintenance.

Andrew Lance's picture Andrew Lance
Orchestrating Integration Testing[magazine]

Verifying the operation of a complex software system can be a daunting task. Here is a systematic approach to the job. This article details six steps for testing duct-taped programs.

Len DiMaggio's picture Len DiMaggio
The Marriage of Estimation and Negotiation[magazine]

Successful projects deliver what they say they will, when they say they can, at a certain cost. Generating reliable project commitments requires a union between accurate project estimation and principled negotiation.

Michael Mah's picture Michael Mah
Leveraging Inspections[magazine]

You can improve your inspection process, moving from 50 percent to as much as 90 percent defect removal before entering test. Learn how to record and analyze the right data.

Ed Weller's picture Ed Weller
Common Requirements Traps - And How to Avoid Them[presentation]

This article details common requirements traps that teams fall into. Tips to help your team avoid these traps are also included.

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact
Soft Skills that Make a Tester[article]

If statistics are to be believed, software technology changes everyday for the better. There is always a quest to learn new technologies, languages, and methodologies among testers. In such a dynamic environment, often the importance of soft skills is overlooked. This article explores the impact and importance of soft skills in software testing.

Anuj Magazine's picture Anuj Magazine
Project Management Credibility[presentation]

Other people's perceptions of the project manager's

Robin Goldsmith, Go Pro Management, Inc.
Creating an Error-Prevention Culture[presentation]

Error prevention refocuses development teams from testing

Gary Brunell, ParaSoft
Reducing Organization Stress and Strain: Tools for Aligning Technology and Business[presentation]

This article will help your team understand the difference between internal and external quality criteria. Also detailed are tool descriptions you can use in your alignment toolbox.

Elisabeth Hendrickson, Quality Tree Software, Inc.
The Importance of Discovery: Step One in Managing Web Development Projects[presentation]

Web based projects don't always get treated like software

Seth Miller, Miller Systems, Inc.
The Reality of XP: A Real World Case Study[presentation]

This article explains what XP Programming is and how implementing it can benefit your team.

Drake Kirkham, Cirrus Systems Corporation
.Net-A Complete Development Cycle[presentation]

This article discusses the software development practices that were used before the inception of .NET detailing which ones worked and which ones didn't. The .NET development lifecycle and how to implement it for your team is also explained.

Gunther Lenz, Siemens Corporate Research
The Soft Side of Software - People Factors in Software Development[presentation]

Developing software is all about communicating effectively. It's important to understand requirements and document project information appropriately.

Gary Pollice, Rational Software
Testing is About Requirements Specification - An Agile View[presentation]

This article details how to manage your XP Programming project.

Robert Martin, Object Mentor
Applying Software Inspections Through the Software Lifecycle[presentation]

Setting the priority and severity of a bug is a business decision. Changing business conditions impact the priority and severity of a bug.

Robert Sabourin,, Inc.


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