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Testing Undocumented Software Under Impossible Deadlines[presentation]

Years after Cem Kaner's book Testing Computer Software, it is still common to work on software projects with light documentation and very tight schedules.

Cem Kaner, Ph.D., J.D.
Testing is Not a Phase[presentation]

Are testing misconceptions causing you to fail?

Les Hatton, Oakwood Computing
Testing and Quality at FedEx: How to Add Value Throughout the Development Life Cycle[presentation]

When Glenn Daily was given the task of ensuring software quality for FedEx's revenue software development, he took a new approach. The time was right for a dramatic change in the way software was developed and tested.

Glenn Daily, Federal Express
Exploiting a Broken Design Process[presentation]

A major flaw in the way most code is designed allows you to break the code by exploiting the flaw. Learn how this "trick" can force software into a state from which it produces incorrect results.

James Whittaker, Florida Tech, Computer Science
Testing Huge Systems-- Issues and Solutions[presentation]

Testing very large scale computer systems involves more than simply finding defects. This presentation gives examples of "huge" systems and discusses the issues that make testing so difficult.

Howie Dow, Compaq Computer Corporation
Test Automation for Multi-Platform Client/Server Software[presentation]

This presentation takes a look at the test automation experience of two major releases of a multi-platform client/server software product. Learn about the advantages and pitfalls of full test automation.

Heesun Park, SAS Institute Inc.
Life after Death: Testing Standards for the New Millennium[presentation]

As hard as it may be for many testers to think about life after Year 2000, it will happen.

Claire Lohr, Lohr Systems
How to Manage Outsource Testing within Your Project Budget[presentation]

Outsourcing quality assurance testing is more expensive than hiring contractors. How, then, do you efficiently and effectively outsource? George Hamblen discusses ways to identify the correct outsource effort and how to maximize potential.

George Hamblen, Fidelity Investments
Defect Free and Unusable[presentation]

Even the best code will fail if the end user isn't involved. Usability studies are a great way to get critical feedback. Without them, be prepared to fix your perfect code AFTER it gets into production.

Russell Neimy, Home Account Network
System Integration Testing of a Large Network[presentation]

Take a journey to testing on the "other" side and learn what corporate consumers go through after your product has shipped.

Michael Brossart, Clorox
Automating Non-Standard User Interface Controls[presentation]

One of the greatest challenges in testing Electronic Design Automation (EDA) applications is automating software that does not use standard user interface (UI) controls recognized by most Automation Capture/Playback tools.

Kanwarpreet Singh Grewal, Cadence Design Systems
Testing Distributed Objects and Components[presentation]

Distributed objects share many of the characteristics of both traditional distributed systems and object-oriented software. Their appealing flexibility, though, poses some unique testing problems.

John McGregor, Software Architects
Integrated System Testing in Dynamic Development Environment[presentation]

Examine a practical example of a highly effective and efficient system testing process.

Slobodan Dumuzliski, Vital Images
Building and Leveraging a Robust Test Facility[presentation]

Learn how to build and leverage a robust and secure integration test facility into a "production-like" regression test environment allowing quality certification of software prior to production migration.

Saul Kaminsky, SIAC
The Problems with Test Automation[presentation]

When converting manual tests to automated ones, the level of specificity increases exponentially! Even with the right tools and staff, implementation is difficult.

Andrew Pollner, ALP International Corporation


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