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Mutation Testing: A New Approach to Automatic Error-Detection[presentation]

Mutation Testing is a proven and powerful method for finding errors in software programs.

Adam Kolawa, ParaSoft Corporatin
Test Coaching-- Helping Users and Developers with Early Testing[presentation]

All too often, we wait to involve the testing and user groups until it is too late and quality is a dream instead of a reality.

Shelley Auld, USA Group
Product Risk Analysis Clarifies Requirements[presentation]

Risk analysis is an established tool for identifying risk and possible controls that are needed. In addition, it can also be easily applied to products to identify missed requirements and add clarity.

Jim Kandler, Baxter Healthcare, Inc.
Self-Verifying Data--Validating Test Results without an Oracle[presentation]

You need to test your product with millions of test records, but how do you know that your test queries have found the right information? A separate Oracle file containing the correct results would be tedious and expensive.

Noel Nyman, Microsoft
Selecting a Problem Tracking System That Suits Your Project[presentation]

This presentation examines the different philosophies of the Defect Management process and guides you through the thought process of selecting a defect tracking system for your projects.

Gary Pratt, SysTest Labs
Don't Just Find Bugs: Influencing the Defect Fixing Process[presentation]

In many projects, finding defects is easy but getting them fixed quickly and correctly can be a big problem. As a test professional armed with test plans and automated tools, you can detect and report reams of bugs.

Margaret Ramsey, Software Process Innovators
The Art and Science of Load Testing Internet Applications[presentation]

A recent survey shows that load testing is the top testing priority for Internet companies, surpassing functionality and regression testing as well as other forms of performance testing.

Alberto Savoia, Keynote
Measuring Test Effectiveness: How Good is Your Testing?[presentation]

Every year companies around the world spend vast sums of money testing software, yet many have no idea of the effectiveness of this effort. Some use flawed metrics, while others find the measurement problems too hard to even attempt.

Rick Craig, Software Quality Engineering
eTesting the Airline[presentation]

Colin Cherry provides insight into the challenges and struggles faced by the Ansett Airlines' testing team during the recent relaunch of its Web site.

Colin Cherry, Planpower
Successful Test Management: 9 Lessons Learned[presentation]

Many engineering managers came to management through the technical ranks. Although they may have had plenty of engineering training and mentoring, they frequently have to learn management skills the hard way: through trial and error.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Automated Testing of a Financial Application[presentation]

Based on a case study, Bill Pearce presents a data-driven approach to developing automated tests for a transaction-based application. Explore the significant advantages to this approach, including reduced start-up costs of automating tests.

Bill Pearce, Corbel
Model-Based Testing for Data Centric Products[presentation]

How do you test data centric products such as search engines or content-rich sites? The typical approach is to throw people at it--but what if you throw machines at it instead?

Margaret Worel, Microsoft
Enterprise Testing Under a Microscope[presentation]

Executing end-to-end (ETE) type testing where the systems are all developed within a single organization is a difficult task.

Diane Wilkerson, AT&T
Analyzing Web Application Errors[presentation]

This presentation focuses on the characteristics of Web application errors to derive key issues to consider in analyzing and reproducing errors. Learn how to isolate application errors from configuration and technical support issues.

Hung Nguyen, LogiGear Corporation
Quality Cycles for Rapid Development[presentation]

Organizations are attempting to develop new applications at "Internet speed" which can often result in major business and capitalization losses.

John Lisle, VenturCom, Inc.


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