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Ensuring Software Maturity Via Software State Criteria[presentation]

You can increase confidence in software releasability (quality, time-to-market) by implementing processes that allow you to gauge and benchmark software maturity via software state models.

Fareed Shaikh, Automatic Data Processing
How to Write Better Test Cases[presentation]

Test cases are the biggest investment and greatest asset of a software quality team. Dianne Runnels explains practical methods to maximize the return on this investment through clever strategies and writing techniques.

Dianne Runnels, Interim Technology Consulting
Automating Testing Across The Enterprise[presentation]

This presentation draws the following conclusions:

  • Simplify Complex Environments by Breaking Them Down into Components
  • Test for Regression
  • Test for New Functionality
Andrew Pollner, ALP International Corporation
GUI Application Modeling for the Automatic Generation of Test Scripts[presentation]

Explore two different methods for modeling a GUI application's user behavior and variable input to automatically generate test scripts.

Brad Dasko, Lucent Technologies
You Want It When? Negotiating Test Schedules[presentation]

To most software developers, testers and QA managers, time is one of the most precious commodities they have.

Greg Pope, Azor, Inc.
Paradigms of Black Box Software Testing[presentation]

In this practitioner-oriented talk, Cem Kaner uses observations and anecdotes from his experiences to broaden and diversity your approach to the design and development of the class of tests called "Black Box." Listen as he explores the concep

Cem Kaner, J.D., Ph.D.
T-Shirt versus Kimono in Software Testing[presentation]

Can your testing efforts eliminate 99.98% of the bugs made during software development? If not, are there cost-effective methodologies that you can use to reach this goal?

Tsuneo Yamaura, Hitachi Software
Integration Testing for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems[presentation]

Many companies make the assumption that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems need less testing because they are, after all, purchased software.

Linda Malchow, Shell Services International
Effective Testing for Java-based Web Software[presentation]

This presentation addresses the following: What is Java software, anyhow? How do you test Java? How do you build testable Java applets/applications?

Sam Guckenheimer, Rational Software
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Test Automation[presentation]

There are many factors to consider when planning for test automation. It is important to understand the potential costs and benefits before undertaking the kind of change that automation implies.

Douglas Hoffman, Software Quality Methods, L.L.C.
The Result of Testing is Not Quality![presentation]

The result of testing is not quality; it's information! You can have the best test system in the world, find all of the defects, not do anything with that information, and still ship an inferior product.

Joni Ohta, Hewlett-Packard
Identifying Critical Requirements Using FMEA[presentation]

The Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) process was developed by the auto industry to prevent quality problems with their products.

Edith Maverick-Folger, LifeScan Inc.
Start-Up for Testing Web Applications[presentation]

Whether you are testing an Internet, intranet, or extranet application, testing for the Web can be more challenging than non-Web applications.

Tim Van Tongeren, Datanomix
Compressing Test Execution Time to a 24-Hour Cycle[presentation]

Software development projects face a growing trend of tighter schedules, more complex environments, and increased time-to-market pressures.

Thomas Poirier, Conduciv inc.
Metrics for Automated Testing Projects[presentation]

In addition to classifying and quantifying defects, a key element of test metrics reporting is a program to monitor and track the effort to develop automated tests.

Jeff Gainer, Merant, Inc.


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