Using Goals, Objectives, and Assumptions to Model Value (or Not)

Kent McDonald writes that identifying objectives and the assumptions underlying them provides you a way to measure whether the result of your project will actually get you closer to what you are trying to accomplish, as well as the impact your various assumptions have on reaching that objective. 

Kent McDonald's picture Kent McDonald
Agile: Not Just for IT Anymore—or Is It?

Should agile expand to other areas of business functions, such as marketing, human resources, public relations, finance, etc.? Joe Townsend believes the answer is "yes," "no," and "it depends."

Joe Townsend's picture Joe Townsend
Applying Agile to Your Business Strategy

Matthew Gelbwaks writes that rather than applying a strategy to agile, you should apply the principles and values of agile to business or organizational strategy. Agile is the new way to compete and the new way to win at every level of the organization—from development to strategy.

Matt Gelbwaks's picture Matt Gelbwaks

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