The Developer’s Guide to Test Automation

Dale Emery, DHE & George Dinwiddie, iDIA Computing, LLC

Your shrinking project deadlines are increasing the need for automated tests—but, simultaneously, reducing the time available for writing them. The system requirements are continually changing. The implementation is changing. You spend more and more time maintaining old tests, leaving less time to write new ones. The tests take longer and longer to run. And when they fail, the problem is as likely to be in the tests as in the system. What’s a developer to do? Dale Emery and George Dinwiddie share hard-won lessons learned from their decades of software development and test automation. Discover the factors that make automated tests maintainable, expressive, informative, fast, reliable, and repeatable. Practice achieving these qualities in hands-on exercises. Apply new techniques and your existing software development expertise in new ways. Take home powerful principles and practices to meet the unique challenges of test automation and to help your project deliver sooner with greater confidence.

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