Discovering the "Real" Software Requirements

Paul Desantis, Hughes Network Systems

Defining requirements is a process of discovery, beginning with identifying the problem to be solved and establishing the scope of a solution.

In this session Paul Desantis takes you through the important aspects of requirements discovery, including sampling documentation, research, observation, questionnaires, interviews, prototyping, and joint planning.

Learn when and how to develop and use certain deliverable components in your requirements process: matrix of problem issues, opportunities, objectives and constraints, the PIECES framework (Performance, Information, Economics, Control, Efficiency, Service) for problem identification, cause and effect diagrams, problem and solution definitions, use case glossary, diagrams, and narratives.

You will take away a framework for understanding ways to analyze needs and develop a suitable software solution.

  • A requirements analysis framework for most lifecycle approaches
  • Techniques for discovering requirements
  • Deliverable components for software requirements

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