The Four Dimensions of Performance Improvement

Marisa Müller, Micro to Mainframe (Pty) Ltd.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a team dealt with unrealistic deadlines, impossible stakeholders, and demotivated testers, who had  no time to do things smarter and faster, just hammering away on the project “hamster wheel.” Then one day, as if heaven sent, a magical, but systematic approach to performance improvement, solving performance problems, and enhancing testing service delivery arrived in the form of the Four Dimensional Performance Improvement model. Marisa Müller describes this model that recognizes that performance relies on more than just people. Four dimensions of performance improvement—worker, workplace, work, and world—make up the total system. Marisa shares how her organization went about identifying and closing gaps, and provided empirical evidence that raised the understanding of the important value added by software testing. Join Marisa in exploring practical ways to apply to your own team what they did and empower you to transform testing’s value add and service delivery.

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