Getting Started with Agile: An Experiential Workshop

Brian Button, Asynchrony

Agile is now mainstream, but many companies continue to struggle. When agile is adopted, common issues occur in every organization: getting people to try agile, selling agile to management, learning how to do efficient standup meetings, fitting planning into a short window, and running effective retrospectives. When you add in scaling issues, different development styles, and outsourcing, your simple agile adoption just gets more difficult. In this highly interactive (no slides) introductory-to-intermediate session, Brian Button presents the tools you need to get started and be successful with agile. Using Scrum to manage the session, you will learn the value of prioritization and how to do it, why timeboxing works, how to create a release plan using team velocity, and more. As you are learning these techniques, Brian answers your questions to help ensure your successful agile adoption. Get started on the path to success with agile in this immersive experience.


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