How Experian Revolutionized Product Strategy and Management with Big Data

Jeff Hassemer, Experian

Agile discussions often focus on stories, backlogs, development, and testing. At Experian they also brought product strategy management and strategy into the agile fold to ensure their teams were in lock-step with customer requirements and priorities. That resulted in the delivery of Experian’s first big data project—without adding a single new person or “big data expert.” How did they do it? Product guru Jeff Hassemer shares his (not-so) kumbaya moments of how he learned about the principles of agile within big data projects—in action. Jeff describes practical tools specifically focused on customer ROI valuation and developing the science behind embedding customer knowledge and prioritization. In addition, he shares the lessons he learned along the way as he implemented his first Hadoop/HBase project. Learn the key aspects of the process and practical tools he created and how you, too, can deploy big data within your organization.


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