Key Strategies to Survive the Mega Test Program

Robert Goetz, Kaiser Permanente

Sometime in your career as a test manager, you’ll be assigned to lead the effort for a program so large that the CEO and board of directors monitor it. These are programs that bet the organization’s future and come with a high degree of risk, visibility, pressure, and fixed deadlines. Internal audit and external third-party reviews become de rigueur. Your upstream partners—analysis, design, development, and suppliers—all appear (at least to you) to miss their deadlines with no apparent consequences. Everyone looks to you to “make your dates” so the project delivers on time and keeps the organization in business. Bob Goetz shares key strategies, techniques, and processes to help you survive and even thrive in these mega programs. Learn ways to build teams, standardize processes, measure progress, and work transparently so your business will have full confidence in you and your team—and let you sleep at night!

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