Keystone Habits of Organizational Agility

Ahmed Sidky, SCG Inc.

Transforming an organization to become agile requires more than just changing the development process; it requires a complete culture shift. Yet, the focus of most agile transformations is on changing the process aspect of work. Sustainable, effective agile transformation affects all elements of culture—leadership style, values, organizational structures, reward systems, processes, and work habits. Focusing on and adopting specific process patterns known as “keystone habits” has transformed entire organizations, setting off a chain of internal events and paving the way for the organization to form other habits and eventually transform completely. Reflecting on his experience in transforming organizations, Ahmed Sidky presents some keystone habits he has identified—Rewarding Collaboration, Consistently Slicing, Inspiring Performance through Leadership, Growing Networks and Shrinking Hierarchies, and Living the Agile Mindset. Ahmed shows how implementing these can move even the most heavyweight organization to a higher level of agility. Leave with tangible steps to attain successful, sustainable agility in your organization.

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