Lessons Learned from End-to-End Systems Testing

Marc Bloom, Capital One Financial Corp

End-to-end testing of large, distributed systems is a complex and often expensive task. Interface testing at this high level involves multiple sub-systems and often requires cooperation among many groups. From mimicking real-world production configurations to difficult project management and risk issues, Marc Bloom describes the challenges and successes he's experienced at Capital One in performing end-to-end testing. Learn how to define and scope end-to-end system testing and develop a customized framework for repeatable test execution. Find out ways to support knowledge sharing across different test teams to improve the coverage and efficiency of your interface testing.

  • The benefits and value added of comprehensive end-to-end testing
  • Guidelines for developing an end-to-end test plan and implementing it
  • Project profiles from end-to-end testing of both new systems and major enhancements to existing systems

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