Measure Customer and Business Feedback to Drive Improvement

Paul Fratellone, uTest

Companies often go to great lengths to collect metrics. However, even the most rigorously collected data tends to be ignored, despite the findings and potential for improving practices. Today, one metric that cannot be ignored is customer satisfaction. Customers are more than willing to share their thoughts in a manner that can impact your bottom line. Social media gives consumers a stronger voice than ever, and damage to your brand is only one tweet away. The question is: Are you listening to your customers? Paul Fratellone helps you break down current process metrics so you can build them back up with business and customer value at the forefront. With feedback on how well you are attaining your objectives, you can create a powerful action plan for change that will receive the attention it deserves. If you are serious about improving the value of your projects to the business, join this session and let the right data drive your improvement actions.


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