The Ten Principles of an Agile Tester

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.

On an agile team, everyone is a tester-anyone can and often does take on testing tasks. If that’s true, then what is special about being an agile tester? If I'm a tester on an agile team, what does that really mean? Do agile testers need different skill sets than testers on traditional teams? What guides agile testers in their daily activities? An agile tester embraces change, collaborates well with both technical and business people, and understands the concept of using tests to document requirements and help drive development. Agile testers have good technical skills, know how to collaborate with others to automate tests, and are experienced exploratory testers. How do they get that way? Skills are important, but mindset and attitude count even more. Learn how the agile principles of feedback, courage, simplicity, improvement, and others will help you create your "agile testing mindset" and bring more value to your agile-or not so agile-team.

  • The agile principles that enhance testing
  • How agile testers add value to their development teams
  • The "agile mindset" for improved testing efficiency and effectiveness

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