Testing AJAX Applications with Open Source Selenium

Patrick Lightbody, Gomez, Inc.

Today's rich AJAX applications are much more difficult to test than the simple Web applications of yesterday. With this rich new user interface comes new challenges for software testers-not only are the platforms on which applications run rapidly evolving, but test automation tools are having trouble keeping up with new technologies. Patrick Lightbody introduces you to Selenium, an open source tool designed from the ground up to work on multiple platforms and to support all forms of AJAX testing. In addition, he discusses how to develop AJAX applications that are more easily testable using frameworks such as Dojo and Scriptaculous. Learn the importance of repeatable data fixtures with AJAX applications and how automated testing must evolve with the arrival of AJAX. Get ahead of the curve by encouraging the development of more testable AJAX software and adding new automation tools to your bag of testing tricks.

  • How Web applications are moving from a page-centric to a more granular paradigm
  • Frameworks for developing testable AJAX-based Web applications
  • Open source Selenium's basic functionality

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