Testing Metrics: Project, Product, Process

Rex Black, RBCS Inc.

One of the most challenging problems that test managers face involves implementing effective, meaningful, and insightful test metrics. Data and measures are the foundation of true understanding, but the misuse of metrics causes confusion, bad decisions, and demotivation. Rex Black shares how to avoid these unfortunate situations by using metrics properly as part of your test management process. How can we measure our progress in testing a project? What can metrics tell us about the quality of the product? How can we measure the quality of the test process itself? Rex answers these questions, illustrated with case studies and real-life examples. Learn how to use test case metrics, coverage metrics, and defect metrics in ways that demonstrate status, quantify effectiveness, and support smart decision making. Exercises provide immediate opportunities for you to apply the techniques to your own testing metrics. Join Rex to jump-start a new testing metrics program or gain new ideas to improve your existing one.

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