Testing SOA Applications: A Guide for Functional Testers

Brian Bryson, IBM Rational

Functional testers assigned to their first SOA application can easily be caught off guard by some of the challenges posed by the SOA architecture. Testing without a user interface, the importance of security and performance, and the heavy emphasis on negative testing all require testers to approach SOA applications with new tools, techniques, and a different attitude. Through practical demonstrations of open source and commercial tools, Brian Bryson demonstrates techniques to test SOA applications. Brian starts by building and deploying a Web service, the main building block of SOA applications. Then, he tests this Web service from the ground up beginning with functional unit testing using jUnit and progressing to infrastructure testing using SoapClient and Eclipse. Brian concludes with a discussion of security and performance testing issues. Take away an SOA testing checklist and the practices IBM consultants use for testing large scale SOA implementations.

  • Understand SOA architectures from a tester's perspective
  • Differences between testing traditional and SOA applications
  • A proven checklist for testing SOA applications

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