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How do I submit an artilce?


How do you go about planning the delivery for the year when you work with agile projects? I work in a supplier capacity and need to be able to roughly estimate deilvery dates for projects across the year and understand capacity. I'm new to agile as I've been working with waterfall and that does work easily with scheduling across multiple teams for the year. I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give.

Can You guys tell me the current trends /techniques that are followed in the test case Designing 

Is it possible to implement Lean principles in the ongoing Agile project?

I would like to publish an article in this AgileConnection. Please let me know the procedure for it.

my emailid is

Agile was not working well in my current project, due to the requirements gap and short in resources. Is it be safe to go back to SDLC waterfal model to continue the project.

Can you explain with a example? I believe that it may be possible to implement in personal activities.

Ususally agile development is used for new or geenfield projects but what if this development is used for existing or brownfield projects. What issues could agile development team face while working with exisiting project?

In my research study, I need to identify the list of key features of user story management tools that can be used to support agile development. So far, I identified the following general groups of features: User role modeling and personas support, User stories and epics management, Acceptance testing support, High-level release planning, Low-level iteration planning, and Progress tracking. Each group contains some specific features, e.g., support for story points, writing of acceptance tests, etc.

what is the procedure to publish an article on AgileConnection

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