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Management Myth #8: I Can Still Do Significant Technical Work

The temptation can be incredibly strong for managers—especially new ones—to step in when a technical problem arises. But, that isn’t a very good show of faith in one’s team members. Johanna Rothman writes that as a manager, you have to delegate a problem and leave it delegated.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
The Independent Tester

Has the agile world’s insistence on collaboration blown away the need for testers to be independent? What do we mean by “independence,” anyway? Consultant Fiona Charles argues that tester independence is essential, but that it is a state of mind that can thrive only when the whole organizational culture supports it.

Fiona Charles's picture Fiona Charles
Livestock Improvement Goes Agile

Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) is one of the largest integrated herd-improvement organizations in the world. This is the story of how LIC transitioned from a successful, traditional development process to one with hyper-productive agile teams that produce software faster, better, and cheaper.

Jenny Saunders's picture Jenny Saunders Shane Hastie
ADPEast 2011: Tom Paider and Dustin Potts—Going Big with Agile, Lean, and CMMI at Nationwide

Bob Payne speaks with Tom and Dustin regarding the work they have done to roll out agile within Nationwide.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
A for Agile, A for Aristotle

Badri Srinivasan explains the link between Aristotle and agile software development methodologies and how agile allows for a higher probability of successful customer delivery.

Badri N. Srinivasan's picture Badri N. Srinivasan
Arming Advertisers vs. Users: Social Media Platforms at Odds`

Twitter and both made headlines recently by taking completely different approaches to reach the same goal - dominance in the world of social media.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
For Programs, Short Is Beautiful

Johanna Rothman describes that for programs, since you have many teams, you want shorter iterations and small stories in order to make sure you have as many interconnection points with the rest of the feature teams as possible.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Agile 2012: Diana Larsen and James Shore—Agile Fluency

Diana Larsen and James Shore talk about their recently released agile fluency model. This model looks at team and organizational agile adoption, and provides a framework for looking at where you are and where you want to be.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Agile 2011: Arlo Belshee—Extreme Programming, Agile Engineering, Big Data, and Other Disruptive Behaviors

Arlo Belshee talks about his work with big data and his penchant for starting with XP as the initial set of agile practices for teams to allow tight feedback and real agility.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
ADP West 2012 - Sanjiv Augustine - Sensei a retrospective tool for continuous improvement

Bob Payne speaks with Sanjiv Augustine, principal at LitheSpeed about the new tool, Sensei.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne


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