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Management Myth #7: I Am too Valuable to Take a Vacation

There's a common myth among managers—that they are the only drivers and decision makers for their teams and, therefore, can't take time off. In reality, regardless of the team or workgroup you manage, your team makes decisions without you all the time.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Visualizing All the Work in Your Project Portfolio

Regarding project portfolios, it can be a big problem for clients to see all the work. Some clients have multiple kinds of projects, so they want to show their work in a variety of ways. Johanna Rothman describes some helpful ways to display the work being done.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
How Much Will This Project Cost - Agile 2012 Conference

Johanna Rothman writes that it doesn’t seem to matter what life cycle your project has, someone wants you to predict the cost. Although people want to know the cost so they can use cost to predict the project portfolio, you want to use value for the project portfolio.

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman
Do You Need to Write Test Cases?

Writing test cases can be a time-consuming activity, and approaches vary from comprehensive test plans to more casual and exploratory cases. What factors should influence your approach? We take a look at a couple of these factors to help you guide your project and team to success.

Vu Lam's picture Vu Lam
Anger Management

Have you ever felt like screaming at a customer, clobbering your manager, or trashing a teammate’s favorite digital device? Occasional anger is normal, but frequent anger can be harmful.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
Overcome Marketing Analysis Paralysis: Three Steps to Agile Marketing

If you’re not actively marketing all the time, you’re letting the parade pass you by. To take advantage of ever-present, ever-changing opportunities, your team can use agile techniques to help with marketing.

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff's picture Jascha Kaykas-Wolff
Problem Solving: Deadlines and Context

One of the more difficult challenges people and teams have in the face of deadline pressure is taking time to consider how to approach a problem rather than just diving in with a solution approach that you know will work.

Steve Berczuk's picture Steve Berczuk
Agile: Not Just for IT Anymore—or Is It?

Should agile expand to other areas of business functions, such as marketing, human resources, public relations, finance, etc.? Joe Townsend believes the answer is "yes," "no," and "it depends."

Joe Townsend's picture Joe Townsend
The $7 Billion Boo-boo

Talk about a costly testing “oops.” Microsoft is facing a potential fine of up to 10 percent of its revenue, or about $7 billion, over failing to verify that one of its Windows upgrades didn’t meet the terms of an antitrust settlement with the European Union.

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes
Think of the People First

Johanna Rothman tackles the Paterno/Sandusky scandal and notes that the truth has a way of always coming out. Will you still have your integrity when the truth emerges?

Johanna Rothman's picture Johanna Rothman


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