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Is "Agile Methodology" an Oxymoron?

Explore the differences between a process and methodology and why neither process nor methodology should be used to label and encapsulate agile-lean product (system-software) development.

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Collaborative Risk Analysis for Release Planning

Release planning is more than just stuffing the highest ranked stories into iteration buckets. To be meaningful the whole team needs to participate. Lightweight risk management techniques are not orthogonal to an agile approach They can help proactively address previously hidden concerns and the planning process benefits all-around from shared dialog on release-impacting risks.

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"Dear Agile" – A Love Letter

Dear Readers,

Writing or receiving a break-up letter can be fairly daunting or shattering, depending on which end of the letter your name appears. That letter puts a pretty hard stop to a relationship. It’s communicating detachment and finality. It can create a lot of pain whether intended or not. In contrast, a love letter is uplifting. The endorphins fly! Someone is revealing their attraction for you, and their hopes and wishes for a future with you.


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Integrating Performance Testing into the Agile Development Process

One of the key purposes and benefits of Agile development processes (“Agile”) is that they emphasize working software as the primary measure of progress. To ensure that the current state of the software is working, every iteration includes unit and acceptance testing.

Many organizations report that, following the adoption of Agile, the quality of their released systems has been improved.

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Book Review: Lean Architecture

 Jim Coplien's recent book, Lean Architecture: for Agile Software Development, explains how agile principles and architecture are complimentary, and how, with everyone working collaboratively, a good, lightweight architectural framework can help enable agility, rather than being a barrier to it.  With his usual iconoclastic style, Coplien dispels the myth that agile doesn't need architecture.

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How to Annoy an Audience

Many people who give presentations have habits that are innocent but that can annoy the audience. In this week's column, Naomi Karten identifies some of the potential annoyances she's seen among the technical professionals she's coached or observed.

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When Conflict Is Baked In: Bridging Structural Conflict

No two people or groups are the same, but their differences don't have to force them apart. In this column, Esther Derby uses the example of feuding operations and development groups to explain how focusing on the source of structural conflict can help build a bridge across the disagreements.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Networking for Geeks

Professionals need networks to further their careers. But, for those of us who are geeks, it can be difficult to build connections face to face. Consultant and lifelong geek Fiona Charles shares networking tips that have worked for her.

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Acceptance Test-Driven Development: Not as Optional as You Think

The components of software processes work together in important and sometimes unrecognized ways. The removal of one of those components will affect the others. In this article, which originally appeared in the August 2010 issue of the Iterations eNewsletter, Jennitta Andrea takes a look at the value of acceptance test-driven development and the costs of making it an optional practice.

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On Being Absolutely Certain-and Wrong

Sometimes we're blind to what's right in front of us. We think we're paying full attention, but, as Naomi Karten knows from a recent travel experience, we're not. In this week's column, Naomi describes what happened and discusses some fascinating research that demonstrates how common this form of blindness is.

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