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Agile06 - Scott Ambler - Eclipse Process Framework

Scott Ambler talks about his new work with the Eclipse Process Framework and a variety of other topics.

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How Agile Changes the Role of Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Testers

On a recent engagement, my company walked into an organization that was struggling to adopt agile software development practices. There was clearly energy and willingness on the part of the development team to try new practices. However, the confusion around new responsibilities of the project manager (PM), business analyst (BA), and quality assurance tester (QA) was preventing progress.

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Managing Process Facilitators

The term "Process Facilitator" refers to the people in your organization whose primary responsibility lies in improving the effectiveness of the work that the teams are doing. This responsibility is mainly around the process the teams are using, but also encompasses less tangible aspects of work such as team development, organizational culture change, administrative and technical tools, and working with other Process Facilitators both inside and outside of your organization. Since the role of the Process Facilitator is so broad, it can be difficult to understand and effectively support Process Facilitators who report to you. This article helps you with this challenging task.

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Agile Offshore Development: 10 Ways to Make it Work for Your Organization

Successful extended global development teams have adapted Agile methodologies such as XP, Scrum and DSDM to further improve response to customer needs and time to market. At the same time, they gain rapid knowledge transfer, training, transition planning, goal setting, governance, as well as the comprehensive operational reviews required to achieve results. There can certainly be challenges employing Agile development methodologies in a multi-shore environment.

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Most Software Development Metrics Are Misleading And Counterproductive

The software development industry has a poor track record for developing and employing useful software metrics. This is because most of the metrics selected are tangential to the true goal of software development—delivering business value—and instead focus on software attributes and accounting measures. Metrics such as lines of code per developer week, function points created, hours worked, or budget consumed appear important measures, but they have dangerous and counterproductive implications.

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Managing Offshore XP Teams: Organizational Models and Tools

The essence of Extreme Programming (XP) is making the customer a part of the team who works very closely with the developers, ideally communicating on a daily basis. However, what about a situation where your development team is offshore? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds, realizing the gains of offshoring without losing the benefits of XP? How do you keep the momentum and the communication flow going, at the same time ensuring seamless integration of the deliverables into the customer's production environment at the XP pace?

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Hurdling Roadblocks

We all encounter things at work that impede our progress. Having the skill to effectively deal with the roadblocks makes a big difference in your overall productivity. Will you get a reputation as a whiner or as someone who pushes through obstacles? In this week's column, Danny Faught offers help with two common types of roadblocks and gives suggestions for reducing the chances that any barricade will impact your schedule.

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Agile06 - Ward Cunningham - Eclipse Foundation

Ward Cunningham talks about his new position as the Director of Committer Community Development at Eclipse. He discusses the release of Callisto by the Eclipse foundation, its Agile roots and other fun tool related topics.

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CASE STUDY: Band XI Distributing Agile Development

Software development organizations have evolved to meet the challenges put forth by ever increasing complexity in both the problem spaces and the technologies applied. Unfortunately, the right people for a project may not all be located in the same city or at the same time.

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Agile06 - Mary Lynn Manns - Fearless Chage and Agile 2007

Mary Lynn Manns is the co-author of Fearless Change and the chair of the Agile 2007 Conference.

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