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Warning: Security Storm Brewing

For too long now, consumers have been bailing, patching, and plugging their software each time a new security hole is discovered. And they've been absorbing the damage done by the leaks. A wave of security-conscious buyers is rising, demanding software that is sound and secure by design. Are you ready to give it to them? Find out why you should be.

Herbert H. Thompson's picture Herbert H. Thompson
Is Your Haystack Missing a Needle?

Using manual testing to determine if your application is missing any files is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack: it's like trying to determine if your haystack is missing any needles! One tester tells the story of how some clever coding saved his project a good deal of time and quite a few headaches.

Chris McMahon's picture Chris McMahon
Between the Lines

Get the software engineering slant on items from the recent news.

Heather Shanholtzer's picture Heather Shanholtzer
Comparatively Speaking

Turn to The Last Word, where software professionals who care about quality give you their opinions on hot topics. This month, see why one practitioner believes there's no such thing as a best practice.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
Rating Scheme = Disrupted Team

Need a place to go to get the solutions you've been craving? Management Fix is what you've been looking for. In this issue, find out how to manage when you're asked to grade on a curve.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Is That a Fact?

We're pleased to bring you technical editors who are well respected in their fields. Get their take on everything that relates to the industry, technically speaking. In this issue, read about the importance of recognizing inconvenient facts—and how finding a way to change them could be the key to success.

Brian Marick's picture Brian Marick
Walk into My Parlor

Just as a spider spins a web to capture her prey, testers weave an intricate net of ambiguity and conflict to catch program bugs. Find out how to use complex tests to expose program weaknesses and errors.

David Holmgren's picture David Holmgren
Passing the Baton: Transitioning from Development to Maintenance

Stumble-free code and knowledge transfer requires a facilitated, structured process. Learn how to ease the transition from development to maintenance.

Patrick Bailey's picture Patrick Bailey
Continuous Integration

Code sandboxes of the world, unite behind a new leader: Continuous Integration (CI). Automated and customizable, CI gives you the ability to know at the push of a button whether your application is working or whether it needs a tweak. It brings together the disparate code of countless developers and provides a real-time gauge of your application's health. Never fear nightly (or, egads! weekly) builds again. Rely on the strength of CI.

Jeffrey Frederick's picture Jeffrey Frederick
Lightweight Development. Heavyweight QA

Need a place to go to get the solutions you've been craving? Management Fix is what you've been looking for. In this issue, find out how to bring old-school QA practitioners into the new world of development.

Elisabeth Hendrickson's picture Elisabeth Hendrickson


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