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What Is Fuzzing? The Poet, the Courier, and the Oracle | Synopsys

The real world is full of less-than-ideal conditions. Software must be able to deal with poorly formed inputs, unexpected actions, and generally misuse.

Fuzz testing, or fuzzing, is the intentional input of malformed data to detect vulnerabilities in software. Fuzzing is a crucial security tool, both for organizations that build software as well as organizations that use software.

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Transforming Software Testing Through Automation | Synopsys

Many software development organizations today have adopted agile development practices to one extent or another in order to accelerate product delivery and time-to-market. Yet, many of them are finding that they still have trouble getting software built as quickly and reliably as needed.

This white paper details real-world examples of process changes that can accelerate product development, make it more predictable, and deliver higher quality software through increased test automation.

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Fuzz Testing Maturity Model | Synopsys

It’s a fact of life that all software contains security vulnerabilities and other risks. Fuzz testing, or fuzzing, which helps locate vulnerabilities using malformed inputs, is becoming mandatory practice for secure software development.
This white paper explains the Fuzz Testing Maturity Model, a vendor-agnostic model that maps metrics and procedures of fuzz testing to maturity levels.
Read this white paper to learn how to:

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Accelerate Time to Market with Change Impact Testing | Synopsys

The software application lifecycle is constantly accelerating to keep up with business needs. Throw agile into the mix, and the pace is relentless.
Although the time it takes to run every regression test cycle is precious, a recent study shows 30% of tests are ineffective (read useless) and another 30% redundant. Change impact testing will help you ensure you are maximizing your test time and minimizing the risk of regression errors.
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Monolithic, Multiple, and Hybrid Repositories | BitKeeper

Organizations that produce a lot of code face an important choice in how to structure and manage source code: Create a single, monolithic repository or split the source code into sub-repositories and manage them independently.

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Answers to Common Agile Questions—Bridging the Gap | Jama

Download Five Challenges to Agile Planning to learn the major agile planning roadblocks that lead to failure, as well as advice on how to make agile work for your entire team.

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A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto | Jama

Download this eBook for an opportunity to rethink the Agile Manifesto. View agile in a new light and deconstruct which concepts were home runs and which still need to evolve.

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