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Cards–I've Got a Million of 'Em

One man's love/hate relationship with index cards, a common tool of the Agile trade.

Ron Jeffries's picture Ron Jeffries
Unjust Deserts

Collaborative projects are a cornerstone of Agile development, but how can you recognize individuals for team work without spoiling team unity? Learn how to dole out praise and rewards without leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

Mary Poppendieck's picture Mary Poppendieck
Pay No Attention to the Quality Behind the Curtain

To continue our series exploring what it means to care about quality and to build better software, we spoke with Compuware executive David Kapelanski, who says that true quality is invisible.

Pam Young's picture Pam Young
The Interior Department and Intelligent Life? Yahoo!

Get the software engineering slant on items from the recent news.

Heather Shanholtzer's picture Heather Shanholtzer
From Invisible to Invaluable

Need a place to go to get the solutions you've been craving? Management Fix is what you've been looking for. In this issue, find out how to create visibility for your team.

Elisabeth Hendrickson's picture Elisabeth Hendrickson
The Liar's Contest

Politics is a game we're asked to participate in each and every day. But when your project's future is on the line, do you want to play around? The penalties and risks surely outweigh any reward. Discover how to extricate yourself from these losing battles.

(Not So) Trivial Pursuits

How one tester learned the hard way that quality is in the eye of the pocketbook holder.

Geordie Keitt's picture Geordie Keitt
What Your Weekly Meetings Aren't Telling You

Need a place to go to get the solutions you've been craving? Management Fix is what you've been looking for. In this issue, find out how one-on-one meetings can reveal problems and opportunities that might otherwise not surface until it's too late.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
The Many Faces of Quality

We're pleased to bring you technical editors who are well respected in their fields. Get their take on everything that relates to the industry, technically speaking. In this issue, Brian Marick explains why he believes the future of software lies in trust and teamwork among the many people who care about quality.

Brian Marick's picture Brian Marick
Make What's Counted Count

As a manager, how do you use the data you collect to actually steer your company's actions? One key is to know what the data actually means. Ben Linders shares how telecommunications giant Ericsson began getting the real story behind its numbers.

Ben Linders's picture Ben Linders


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