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We code and design for a living.
We’re crazy about Agile; it makes us better at our jobs and our customers love it.
We believe in Open Source because we are part of a global community that thrives on sharing creativity and skill.

We love our work. And we want to be happy doing it.
But the Project Management Tools that are out there weren't making us happy. In fact we hated the whole lot of them. Bloated, slow, ugly to look at and unintuitive, we just couldn't stand the sight of them a moment longer.
So we banished them from browsers and built our own dream tool.

Agile Designer™ is the ultimate test case design tool from Grid-Tools. Agile Designer™ lets you design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, you can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

The software gives the ability to ensure that you cover 100% of the requirements in the minimal number of tests. You can also accurately estimate costs at the click of a button, optimize tests, manage changing requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage outsourcing and more.

Aligned Elements is a tool for supporting Medical Device development. Aligned Elements is a professional product suite built to easily and effectively keep the Design History File or Technical File compliant to regulatory demands such as FDA QSR norms or EU IVD-D guidelines throughout the product development process. It includes traceability, risk management, design review creation, DHF index, integration with MS Word and much more.

Save time, stop collecting reports - gain visibility across projects with real time reporting and streams. Start new projects in seconds - create a standardized project template once to avoid startup overhead. Be efficient - identify which contributors are busy and which have unallocated time

Banana Scrum is a simple Scrum tool to use from your web browser. After creating your own account you can create users and projects, then in each project manage its backlog, sprints and sprint backlogs. Banana is a simple as Scrum itself - and as powerful.

Best part: it is available both as a simple hosted tool (you can be up & running in 5 minutes) and as the Pro version for installation on your own servers.

Caliber Requirement management tool helps you visualize, define and manage requirements to ensure you meet the needs of the business and deliver the right software faster

CASE Spec provides the power of a word processor and a spreadsheet with database to effectively track requirements and specify systems. Its unique set of analysis and reporting tools makes it the most affordable, cutting-edge, lifecycle management application for software/systems development on the market today.

We started a company and built a tool that frees you from the most tedious part of a project: writing a requirements document and keeping it up to date. After years of working for a big tool vendor, we also wanted a simpler approach. Up-front prices that even smaller teams could afford.

DevSpec allows teams to easily collaborate using Wiki-based requirements, specifications, and Agile stories. Whether you adopt a simple Agile process or take full advantage of DevSpec’s powerful workflow engine and expanded data structure, you will quickly achieve full requirements traceability throughout the development lifecycle.

DevSuite is a complete ALM solution covering requirements management, project planning, implementation tracking, and QA testing. It provides a single unified platform for both agile and traditional development, and the industry’s most comprehensive requirement traceability from concept through specification, planning, implementation, testing, and release.

Enterprise Tester is an award-winning quality management platform that enables your organization to improve test processes while reducing project costs and timeframes. Enterprise Tester provides QA teams, testers, and managers with easy management of test plans, execution sets, requirements, and incidents. It eliminates duplication through tight integration with requirements management and defect tracking tools - including Atlassian’s JIRA - offering full traceability, metrics, and reporting across your lifecycle.

Eylean Board is a project management tool based on lean and agile methodologies. Eylean offers a variety of features such as project board, tasks and subtasks, time tracking, team management, reports and others. Eylean integrates with other popular project management tools - MS Outlook, Project, Excel, TFS.
It is a tool that brings the most importance to the best user experience and visualization.

Requirements Management Software Built for Software Product Management
FeaturePlan takes market information and turns it into product requirements, which helps you build products that are better aligned with customer needs. This enterprise software solution helps you implement a more efficient product management process in your organization.

HP Requirements Management lets distributed teams collaborate and share requirements, understand their relationship to tests, and evaluate linked defects—in a single shared repository. As an integrated part of HP Quality Center and HP ALM, HP Requirements Management gives you a comprehensive solution for defining, managing, and tracking software requirements. The software gives business analysts and other key stakeholders multiple, preconfigured requirement types.

IBM® Rational® DOORS®, the worlds leading requirements management solution for advanced systems and software development projects, helps you deliver higher quality systems and software by improving requirements communication, collaboration, and verification across the enterprise. DOORS is a multi-platform system designed to ensure conformance to requirements, and compliance to regulations by capturing, linking, analyzing, and managing changes to requirements and their traceability.

Rational® Requirements Composer is a Jazz-built requirements solution that enables stakeholders to collaborate in context to define and manage high-quality requirements using a variety of visual and textual techniques. Rational Requirements Composer integrates with Rational Team Concert and Rational Quality Manager, enabling project teams to shorten planning cycles and reduce rework by aligning development and test effort with requirements and business objectives.

inteGREAT is an automated requirements development platform that enables users to define, analyze, simulate and document requirements automatically for all SDLC Roles. By applying knowledge management principals to requirements, inteGREAT facilitates the reuse of requirement specifications across the enterprise, ensuring consistency and eliminating redundancy. inteGREAT can be deployed either standalone or for teams. This allows inteGREAT to operate in a disconnected mode as well as in a collaborative mode.

It''s a state-of-the-art RDM tool specifically designed to provide an integral support to the complete Requirements process:
-Requirements Analysis
-Solution Specification
-Validation of the Specification
-Verification and Acceptance Tests
-Requirements Management
-Requirements Traceability
-Project Management
-Report Generation
-Integration with other lifecycle tools
Easy to use,easy to implement,openness and integrations,import and export features.


Kovair ALM Studio provides a truly cross browser web-based integrated ALM to manage all phases of Application Lifecycle. Kovair has support for any development methodology like Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid. It allows users to configure a customizable task based workflow as per the process followed in their organizations. Kovair can orchestrate vendor agnostic tools with the capability to generate key performance indicators, cross tool end to end traceability and increase the visibility of cross functional teams distributed globally thus reducing cost and increasing productivity.


Morae is the premier software for deeply understanding customer experiences...and sharing those insights clearly and powerfully. Use Morae to record exactly what customers do and say, discover patterns in the data, key in on significant moments, and build a compelling case for how to improve the customer experience. From usability testing to focus groups and beyond, Morae helps you transform designs and marketing to make things people love.

PlanITpoker is a fun tool for project teams to estimate tasks.

Players vote on each task using cards without seeing what other players are voting. After all have voted the results are revealed and the estimates discussed until a consensus is reached. This technique of estimating is sometimes called planning poker or Scrum poker.

PlanITPoker is totally free to use and ideal for distributed software teams using Agile development methodologies.

Polarion REQUIREMENTS is a collaborative, web-based Requirements Management solution delivering guaranteed traceability and forensic-level accountability. As easy as Microsoft Office, but with none of its limitations and shortcomings.
Polarion REQUIREMENTS supports any process or methodology - including Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid - for organizations of any size in any industry.
• Web Authoring with LiveDocs
• Traceability & Audit Trails
• Any Methodology or Workflow
• Web Based Collaboration
• Test Case Management

Provide your QA and development teams with the power to collaborate, track project progress, and report on test coverage, track requirements and defects.
QAComplete lets teams take a strategic approach to testing by prioritizing key test functions, accounting for risk, planning for coverage, and controlling test execution. Employing effective test case management helps you ensure you’re running the right tests, and thus avoid releasing an application that is not customer-ready.

Qualify is a complete Application Quality Management (AQM) solution that unites all aspects of the Quality lifecycle from requirements through to release. With a communication and collaboration backbone and a full workflow engine that can be modeled to individual business processes and methodologies, Qualify encompasses requirements, planning and scheduling, resource management, test execution, defect management and reporting within one platform.

RaQuest is a requirements management tool designed for use with UML modeling tool Enterprise Architect (EA).
With RaQuest, users can manage requirements efficiently through all phases of system and application development.

RaQuest works with Enterprise Architect to extend EA's existing requirements management capabilities.

RaQuest is not dependent on the methodology of specific requirement management.

Requirements change all the time, new ones are created and old ones are removed almost continuously. Delivering a successful project is reliant on knowing exactly what is in and what is out of the project.


Blueprint is the most comprehensive requirements management tool for defining and managing complete, accurate software requirements. Improve application quality and accelerate delivery by authoring requirements in a range of formats, validate requirements using generated documents and live simulations, and communicate to the team through integrations with development and testing tools.

Has a "Point and Click" interface which allows you to access documents, templates, and checklists for all areas of the software testing life-cycle. Enhance your AGILE development processes.
- Over 65 Templates and Checklists
- Scaleable / Customizable
- Structures process—Reduces risk
- Shorter more efficient life-cycle
- Reduced variance
- Process repeatability
- Improved quality

SpiraPlan provides a complete Agile Project Management System in one package, that can manages your project's requirements, releases, iterations, tasks and issues in one environment, fully synchronized

SpiraTeam provides a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that manages your requirements, tests, plans, tasks, bugs and issues in one environment, with complete traceability from inception to completion.

For the project manager, the SpiraTest software application testing program provides the ability to create, edit and manage your project's requirements in a hierarchical requirements matrix where the high-level business requirements can be decomposed into the appropriate system requirements. Each of your requirements are mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that your functionality works as expected - providing real-time requirements test coverage.

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management : requirements management, test cases, campaign, test execution and reports.
Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects.

Free. Open Source. Powerful. Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable.

TeamPulse helps you manage requirements & bugs, plan releases and track progress while keeping your team constantly connected.

vManage allows you to organize and manage the testing process by providing tools that aid in bug tracking, test and requirements management. A web based interface lets you share testing information among team members who are integrated via Verisium''s testing solutions. With vManage, you can create projects that correlate tests, requirements that prompted the tests and bugs resulting from those tests.

WinA&D is a comprehensive tool for system modeling and simulation, requirements management, structured analysis and design, object-oriented modeling with UML and data modeling of information systems. It has diagram editors for process models, data models, class models, state models, object models, structure models and task models. Each model shows a different view of the software system integrated through a global data dictionary. Dynamic systems can be modeled, parameterized, simulated and charted.

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