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Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications, Web Services, packaged Oracle Applications and Oracle databases.

Agile Designer™ is the ultimate test case design tool from Grid-Tools. Agile Designer™ lets you design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, you can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

The software gives the ability to ensure that you cover 100% of the requirements in the minimal number of tests. You can also accurately estimate costs at the click of a button, optimize tests, manage changing requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage outsourcing and more.

Framework comprises real-time test execution engine, script development environment, test flow drag-and-drop creation, test management. Programmable asynchronous events on communication channels are supported for protocol emulation, data capturing and CLI automation. Serial, Telnet, TCP, UDP, HTTP and more protocols are instrumented. DLL, ActiveX, COM-objects are easily integrated into scripts. Test cases aggregated into suites are launched as jobs targeted to specific setups. Incorporate job launch directives into the software build to enhance your Continuous Integration Process. Built-in MySQL database enables querying for in-depth results analysis.

Testwell CTA++ is a tool for unit testing C++ classes, libraries and subsystems. Applicable also on C code testing. CTA++ facilitates effective testing characterized as: easy to use, powerful arrangement to model the test suite into test cases, various forms of assertions for automating the test result checking, clear textual and HTML reporting. GUI-integration to Visual Studio 6.0, .NET 2003, 2005, 2008.

From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest tracks and manages the complete quality lifecycle. Whether your organization is using manual testing alone or automating your testing, DevTest presents you with all test results in a consolidated dashboard view as well as presentation-quality custom reports.

DSTAR™ manages the test data associated with your manual and automated tests to enable full reuse of all your tests, scripts and test data. It interfaces as an add-on to HP Quality Center (QC) and with other tools through Mosaic’s Reusable Software Testing and Automation Repository (RSTAR™). DSTAR™ supports data import, maintenance and assignment manually or through APIs. It also includes an integrated test automation framework and management reporting. DSTAR™ maximizes the reusability and maintainability of all your testing assets

e-Manager Enterprise is a comprehensive test management solution that allows you to plan, document, and manage the entire application testing process, including both manual and automated tests. Its intuitive, Web-based interface and integrated management modules allow you to set up a customized testing process to fit the needs of your organization.

EiffelStudio is a cross-platform IDE that covers the entire lifecycle from analysis & design through implementation, code generation, testing maintenance & update. With the EiffelStudio approach the real-world model programmers develop translates into EiffelStudio implementation without the semantic chasm inherent in other approaches. EiffelStudio enables the production of quality products that are easy to maintain, update and reuse. These products, all the way down to feature signatures, reflect faithfully the problem to solve.

Enterprise Tester is an award-winning quality management platform that enables your organization to improve test processes while reducing project costs and timeframes. Enterprise Tester provides QA teams, testers, and managers with easy management of test plans, execution sets, requirements, and incidents. It eliminates duplication through tight integration with requirements management and defect tracking tools - including Atlassian’s JIRA - offering full traceability, metrics, and reporting across your lifecycle.

Eylean Board is a project management tool based on lean and agile methodologies. Eylean offers a variety of features such as project board, tasks and subtasks, time tracking, team management, reports and others. Eylean integrates with other popular project management tools - MS Outlook, Project, Excel, TFS.
It is a tool that brings the most importance to the best user experience and visualization.

The best way to do automation is to manually test better. HP Business Process Testing software allows you to create manual test cases that are modular in nature,reusable,and help you to identify good candidates for automation. It provides a script-free mechanism for business analysts to design and align tests with business processes for accurate functionality coverage, while allowing your test engineers to focus on the automation subsystem. HP Business Process Testing software eliminates the need to create and maintain a custom framework

IncrediBuild accelerates development via efficient parallel computing, transforming a local or cloud-based network into a “virtual supercomputer.” Processes are distributed to remote CPU resources for parallel processing, speeding all development tasks, including builds, unit testing, QA scripts, code analysis, code generation, image processing, video and graphics rendering, platform conversion, physical and lighting engine management, compression, etc. IncrediBuild is tuned for development with Visual Studio, Make, MSBuild, Gmake, VSimake, Jam, nAnt, Jom, Python, VsiMake, BJam, Jam+, etc., and on Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

InfoStretch Advanced Certification Engine (IS-ACE) helps application stores, carriers, mobile platform providers and enterprises streamline the app certification process and deliver high quality applications to the end users.

IS-ACE is powered by QMetry’s popular test management platform. Defining test cases for different apps and then allocating them to various combinations of platforms, devices and vendors can be an extremely laborious task. Moreover, it significantly increases the risk of incomplete testing of apps.

Klaros-Testmanagement is an Ajax-based web application for organizing and managing the test process in software development projects.
* Test cases and test results
* Tracability to requirements und issues
* Versioning and historical data management
* Comprehensive reporting
Klaros-Testmanagement integrates with JIRA, Trac, Redmine, Mantis and Bugzilla, Hudson/Jenkins, and the test automation tools JUnit and QF-Test.
A Free Community Edition for unlimited, professional use is available


Kovair ALM Studio provides a truly cross browser web-based integrated ALM to manage all phases of Application Lifecycle. Kovair has support for any development methodology like Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid. It allows users to configure a customizable task based workflow as per the process followed in their organizations. Kovair can orchestrate vendor agnostic tools with the capability to generate key performance indicators, cross tool end to end traceability and increase the visibility of cross functional teams distributed globally thus reducing cost and increasing productivity.


Description: OpKey is a tool agnostic test automation platform which provides a complete end to end functional test automation solution.It provides solution for varied platforms like web, mobile, desktop etc.It integrates with tools such as selenium, watir, soapui, robotium from open source world, and with QTP, RFT, etc available from commercial tools. It has got many useful features like in built object management,test data management,recorder,integrations with CI, ALM tools.The latest in OpKey is its Cloud Platform which provides you a solution to run your automation suite on more that 100 OS browser combinations in parallel,which helps you save both time and cost on test automation.

Practitest is a SaaS-based Solution that supports the entire QA & testing life-cycle, including requirements, tests, issues and reporting.

PractiTest provides central management to the entire QA process, across distributed projects and teams. An advanced reporting mechanism provide a clear and concise view of overall QA efforts, including multiple teams, projects and platforms.

As a SaaS product, PractiTest combines easy deployment, low cost of ownership and lower purchasing risk, with high return on investment.

QA Agent is a web based IDE for development of web tests. Inspired of jQuery and the easy and intuitive way it is used by developers, QA Agent provide a way for development of web tests with jQuery syntax. It allows you to create automated tests and to group them into test suites. The main goal of QA Agent is to enable QAs and Developers to start development of automated tests immediately.

In order to start using QA Agent you don’t need to install anything. To run a test you need to install a Google Chrome extension which will enable your browser to run tests. QA Agent will navigate you to the installation page the first time you start the IDE.

QA Agent provides all jQuery actions and add some verifications in order to make development of automated tests easier. You will have several options related to tests execution you can specify like delay before tests start, delay between each test action, annotate element and so on.

For more details regarding QA Agent features, please visit

There is something very interesting which the QA Agent team provide to their users. Although QA Agent is completely FREE service, you can influence over its backlog. In other words you can say what you need and if other people have same needs, QA Agent team will develop it for you. You can submit your feature requests from

To check out the QA Agent backlog and observe the progress of your feature request, visit

Enjoy the QA Agent and “Test is easy!”

Provide your QA and development teams with the power to collaborate, track project progress, and report on test coverage, track requirements and defects.
QAComplete lets teams take a strategic approach to testing by prioritizing key test functions, accounting for risk, planning for coverage, and controlling test execution. Employing effective test case management helps you ensure you’re running the right tests, and thus avoid releasing an application that is not customer-ready.

With QAPlanner you can:
• Organize, manage and re-use your manual test case libraries any way you like.
• Review manual test run results from release to release to help diagnose software quality.
• Add, print, edit or email test cases with a single click.
• Includes sophisticated reports and dashboards to help guide process improvement for testing teams.
• Available OnDemand – anytime. No installation or hardware needed. Supports all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

QMetry has been conceptualized and designed by highly experienced test engineers who understand the exact needs and pain points of software QA teams. QMetry adapts to your existing processes and seamlessly integrates with other ALM tools to ensure ROI right from day one. Tight integrations with best of breed defect tracking and test automation tools, combined with out of the box solutions like task management, test data management and requirements management, make QMetry the most comprehensive test management tool in the market.

Qualify is a complete Application Quality Management (AQM) solution that unites all aspects of the Quality lifecycle from requirements through to release. With a communication and collaboration backbone and a full workflow engine that can be modeled to individual business processes and methodologies, Qualify encompasses requirements, planning and scheduling, resource management, test execution, defect management and reporting within one platform.

SilkCentral® Test Manager™ is the only solution you need to manage all aspects of the application testing process – from establishing testing requirements aligned with end-user needs and specifications to planning, scheduling, and executing tests in physical or virtual test labs to tracking and resolving issues. You can centrally manage all test types – from development stage unit tests to final user acceptance tests and provide role-based access to all application requirements, specification, test plans, and quality metrics.

SmarteQM is an integrated QA test lifecycle management system that manages projects, requirements, releases, test cases, issues, defects, and tasks in one unified environment. By combining QA Management, Project Management, Deployment Management, and Defect Tracking, and by integrating with a wide variety of third party and open source tools, SmarteQM allows you to take control of your project lifecycle and synchronize development and testing.

SmarteTime™ is the SmarteSoft scheduling tool. It enables precise scheduling of when to run test scripts and on which workstations. It is network and storage aware. Set your tests to occur overnight, or to avoid planned maintenance.

SpiraTeam provides a complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that manages your requirements, tests, plans, tasks, bugs and issues in one environment, with complete traceability from inception to completion.

For the project manager, the SpiraTest software application testing program provides the ability to create, edit and manage your project's requirements in a hierarchical requirements matrix where the high-level business requirements can be decomposed into the appropriate system requirements. Each of your requirements are mapped to one or more test cases that can be used to validate that your functionality works as expected - providing real-time requirements test coverage.

Squash TM is an open source tool for test repository management : requirements management, test cases, campaign, test execution and reports.
Squash TM is full web and natively inter- and multi- projects.

T-Plan allows you to manage every aspect of the testing process, providing a consistent and structured approach to testing at the project and corporate level. T-Plan's modular design, clearly differentiates between the Analysis, Design, Management and Monitoring of tests. T-Plan provides clear evidence of how much testing is completed and what testing is left to be done. The product produces metrics on the number of tests written, tests executed and project or business requirements satisfied.

Founded in 2004, TargetProcess had a vision to pioneer an easy-to-deploy but comprehensive solution that reduces the complexity of software project management. TargetProcess assists software development teams in managing agile development processes, including SCRUM, XP and other agile processes.
Company’s mission is to simplify the planning, tracking and quality assurance required by shorten development cycles in agile process development.

Tellurium is your complete solution for collaborative testing and test management. Create, modify, execute, and report on your tests from anywhere on any device with a web browser, easily scaling your manual and automated testing efforts by harnessing the power of the cloud. Tellurium’s “Plain English” automated scripting language goes beyond keyword and data driven testing. Easily leverage from any methodology, including Agile, TDD, and BDD. Our powerful SaaS solution is available at your fingertips as soon as you sign up -- no installation required.

Elementool's Test Case tracking system lets users track new test cases, define test case steps and procedure, prioritize and assign test cases to team members, generate test case reports and customize accounts. The tool gives users complete oversight of, better visibility into, the testing process.

TestLodge is an online test management tool designed to be a lot simpler than traditional software by only providing the essentials to get the job done well. The system focuses on helping you create your test plans, input your requirements, create and manage your test suites and cases along with allowing you to easily perform multiple test runs and generate reports.

TestMagic is a SaaS compliant innovative multi-lingual Test Automation Enterprise Solution. It is capable of Automating UI and non-UI testing including SOA architectures without any programming. TestMagic is having many inbuilt features which are developed based on day to day challenges we face during Automation Test Management, Script Creation, Script Execution and Reporting. It is built on the concept of Artificial intelligence and allows automating all types of testing from System Testing to UAT for web and client-server based applications to realize value from Test Automation with simplified approach to realize ROI. A Test Automation tool with comprehensive integrated automation solution makes TestMagic radically better than anything you have tried and helps in improving Product Quality, Test Infrastructure Utilization and Operational Efficiency.

TestRail is a comprehensive web-based test case management software for software and QA teams.

TestTrack TCM, a highly scalable test case management solution, manages all areas of the software testing process including test case creation, scheduling, execution, measurement, and reporting. Cross-platform TestTrack TCM features workflow and process automation, extensive customizability, powerful filters and reports, and comprehensive security. Reporting and graphing tools, along with user-definable data filters, allow you to easily measure the progress and quality of your testing effort.

Everything we’ve learned about changing software testing for the better is expressed through Tricentis Tosca Testsuite. Our seamless solution gives test teams unprecedented power to measure, manage, and control risk coverage. From the ability to generate test cases based on atomic knowledge of risk, to the simplicity of model-based test automation that enables test execution in plain English, to real-time analytics for proactive optimization, our approach delivers entirely new levels of ease and accuracy while minimizing time, effort, and cost. Tosca Testsuite integrates with SAP, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), and other testing solutions, and interfaces with the full range of applications demanded by today’s enterprise environments.

Twist helps you rapidly test new features, while ensuring all functionality (existing and evolving) does exactly what the business wants. It ensures you can accommodate even last-minute changes easily and cost-effectively deliver tested software aligned to changing business needs.

It empowers your team to collaboratively create robust, optimally automated test suites that stay true to business priorities. Twist delivers on the promise of Agile, and is based on 16 years of proven testing innovation at ThoughtWorks.

Mobile app testing platform to manage your entire testing process. Provides such features as OTA build distribution, bug submission and team management, and also offers on-demand testers for hire.

vManage allows you to organize and manage the testing process by providing tools that aid in bug tracking, test and requirements management. A web based interface lets you share testing information among team members who are integrated via Verisium''s testing solutions. With vManage, you can create projects that correlate tests, requirements that prompted the tests and bugs resulting from those tests.

The Zephyr Enterprise Edition is an on-demand, real-time Test Management platform that manages all aspects of a testing life cycle, integrates various test tools and systems, and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility.

Available as hosted SaaS and On-premise, Zephyr has an affordable, subscription-based global licensing model. Built to be robust and handle large volumes, Zephyr scales easily with the needs of enterprise IT and engineering teams. Zephyr also has full 2-way integration with JIRA and Bugzilla.

Zephyr for JIRA is an add-on application that augments JIRA 5, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside your JIRA 5 instance. As the only vertical test management application built exclusively for the JIRA 5 platform, Zephyr for JIRA completes end-to-end issue tracking and test management inside JIRA by adding testing to the overall planning, development, bug tracking and reporting process.

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