5 Keys to Automating Configuration Management for Application Infrastructure

tasks into a sequence of automated processes, your IT team will see benefits in:

·  Improving the productivity of your IT Infrastructure Team, by upwards of 50% and enabling them to spend more time on new initiatives rather than fire-fighting

·  Accelerating time-to-value for applications by 25%

·  Improving the quality and uptime of your applications by reducing the key elements that cause most of today’s outages

·  Providing comprehensive best practices and compliance reports to management and stakeholders.

With today’s IT struggling to meet increasing demands without headcount increases, a configuration management solution for application infrastructure offers important sources of value.

Jim Hickey Vice President, Marketing. Jim Hickey joins mValent with over 20 years of software marketing and sales experience with emerging and growing companies. Immediately prior to joining mValent, Hickey spent six years with Authentica, providing executive leadership in marketing, business development and sales. Jim has also had executive marketing and sales positions at Omtool and Xyvision and is a former strategy consultant with global consulting giant, Booz-Allen & Hamilton. Jim has an MBA degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a BA degree in Economics from Harvard College.


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